Campus Party Berlin Day 2!

Posted on at 4:04 AM by Seranaya

Here we go, day 2 of CPB and we have a more well-known line up for you all to watch today!
I will update this as the day goes on, I'm off to work!
Today's matches consist of these four teams:
  • SK Gaming
  • Fnatic
  • Tt Dragons
  • Eclypsia.Luna
The stream is located here.
Here is a short run down on who's who on these teams:
SK Gaming
Ocelote - AP Mid
*WW Metalx - AD Carry
*Acer Schabs - Top Lane
Araneae - Jungle
Nyph - Support

xPeke - AP Mid
Lamia - AD Carry
sOAZ - Top Lane
CyanideFl - Jungle
nRated - Support

Tt Dragons
Nukeduck - AP Mid
SpiritOfMage - AD Carry
*AL YamatoCannon - Top Lane
necaderp - Jungle
Brooklee - Support

Tabzz - AP Mid
Lyumi - AD Carry
YoungBuck - Top Lane
Blooddragon - Jungle
Lounet - Support

* means not a normal part of the team.
8:30am EST - SK Gaming vs Tt Dragons -- SK Gaming wins 2-0
- Fnatic vs Eclypsia.Luna -- Fnatic wins 2-0

10:45am EST - SK Gaming vs Eclypsia.Luna -- Eclypsia.Luna wins 2-1
- Fnatic vs Tt Dragons -- Fnatic wins 2-0

2:00pm EST - SK Gaming vs Fnatic -- Fnatic wins 2-0
- Eclypsia.Luna vs Tt Dragons --

This means that Fnatic and Eclypsia.Luna will move onto the next rounds!!

Your Campus Party Berlin final four are now Fnatic, Eclypisa.Luna, Mousesports, and Meet Your Makers. The games begin tomorrow morning at 10:00am EST for semi-final #1. Semi-final #2 begins at 2:00pm. It's going to be heated so let's all tune in and see who our final 2 are going to be competing for the $10,000 prize!


  1. Eclypsia.Luna starts with only 4? Now that's something :D