Teaser for Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Posted on at 3:31 PM by Moobeat
Whether you've been busy playing on the latest PBE build or idly awaiting the Journal of Justice "finale", I hope you can take a break to check out the teaser for Fiora

Wherever your travels might take you here in Valoran, it’s important to learn a little bit about the local color. Take Demacia, for instance. While it might be picturesque, you might find it useful to learn they’re famous for their dueling culture before you pencil any indignant remarks or uncouth villainy onto your vacation itinerary.

Fiora, the Grand Duelist, has even made quite the name for herself by dealing with any scamp, scoundrel, miscreant, rogue, scalawag or rapscallion she runs across according to this time-honored Demacian tradition. If you happen to run into each other, it’s probably best you keep your temper level if you don’t want to find yourself staring down her sword point!
- NeeksNaman, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums.

In the event you've missed all the information ( including ability descriptions and tentative ratios ) taken from the PBE, feel free to check out a few of my earlier posts about Fiora to get caught up. Regardless, you might also enjoy the video below that showcases Fiora's animation and voice overs. Oooohh mama!

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  1. The video does a great job showing off how awesome this looks.