New skins from the PBE!

Posted on at 6:52 PM by Moobeat
Similar to how Fiona was discovered on the PBE, we a new batch of skins have made their way int other files after the most recent update. As a pleasant surprise, all three of the skins appeal to "less popular" champions that haven't received skins in a very long time. Brace yourself for new Urgot, Orianna, and Gragas skins! If you couple these with the two Fiona skins we already new about, we are in for quite a skinlicious patch!

Battlecast Urgot
Vandal Gragas
 Assassin Orianna
 Nightraven Fiora
 Royal Guard Fiora

Thanks to Slushe for posting this on reddit! You rule and so does your site to show off the new models!


  1. Riot has released champions in the following ways:
    -hiding everything until patch day
    -releasing sneak peaks
    -releaseing vague text about their kit (ahri)
    -releaseing the whole champion (viktor)
    -releasing skillset (sej and naut)
    -and now, releasing the patch notes, skins, and the champion really early.

    I prefer the vague text about their skillset. It gets me excited when they tell us about a. new kind of skill.

  2. yes!!! a new vandal member! and its gragas! woot! double win in my book.

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  4. So Fiora is getting a crimson elite skin

  5. We have found those skins' in game models:

  6. I thought her name was 'Fiora'?

  7. Fiora now has her sword (and sound) and Battlecast Urgot now has sounds will be doing 2 videos later today (Teaser Update for urgot) and a random ingame footage of Fiora + her two skins, with the voice over the top stating what each one is.

  8. Fiora's skins are actually called 'Nightraven' and 'Royal Guard'. Names are taken from the current PBE client.

  9. Whatever happened to armored Fiora? Is it going to be her standard skin?

    The nightraven looks awfully plain in comparison to the aesthetics of the armored.