Fiora Patch Preview

Posted on at 5:27 PM by Moobeat
While this week's patch preview isn't throwing us any curve balls ( as the notes have been readily available and updated on the PBE ), it does still offer some helpful developer rationale behind the changes and what Riot was shooting for. Check it out below!


  • Lucent Singularity's cool down now begins on cast instead of when it is detonated. To compensate, the base cool down has been increased.
  • Lucent Singularity gives vision while it's in flight and Finales Funkein reveals fog of war while "priming"
  • Undertow has had its base damage and AD ratios increased but now only scales off of bonus AD.  Additionally, The base cooldown and cdr from picking up the axe have both been reduced.
  • Ragnarok now gives bonus armor and magic resist instead of flat damage reduction.
  • The damage from multiple mines and slow effect on Hexplosive Mines have been nerfed and the mana cost has been lowered.
  • Heath Regen sigils now restore mana in addition to health.

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  1. Misc
    - Health Regen sigils now restore MAN in addition to health.

    Finally! I was waiting for this change haha.