Who's next in line for Animation Changes?

Posted on at 1:17 AM by Moobeat
Seems a lot of people aren't very happy about the new animations Riot sneaked in for Warwick last patch. I have to admit it does look a bit goofy when he is at low movement speed, but I like it the lurch when you are packing tier 2 boots or something.While ohmikegoodness is vowing to rectify these wrongs, he also spilled the beans on who is next in line!
Hi I've been seeing a lot of complaints about this new run. I will take responsibility and FIX IT! 

In other news, Veigar's run should be in the next patch, hopefully with a sexier MF strut, and followed by that a new WW base run. 

Thanks for the comments, and remember Riot is watching! O_O
- ohmikegoodness, Senior Animator, via the official forums.

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