Potential Banking System for the Jungle

Posted on at 6:12 AM by Moobeat

A few more details have emerged in the thread about the jungle hotfixes. Bear in mind this is all subject to change, but isn't it an interesting sounding system?
I wanted to wait until we had certainty on it. With the disclaimer that we can pull changes based on testing, I'll describe it;

We're working with a "banking" system that has the big mobs in jungle camps build XP and gold rewards over time after being there for a bit (currently, one minute). This caps out after a certain amount of time as well, and while farming heavily is greater than waiting for the bank to build, the bank lessens the need to constantly farm to keep up.

Why this system?

* It rewards ganks and is a bit less punishing on gank attempts that don't result in kills for the jungler. After a gank attempt, the jungler can clear the jungle which has scaled a little bit while they were ganking.

* Smart counter-junglers can watch enemy gank patterns, then kill the big monster to steal the bank that's built and reset it. This adds additional value to counter-jungling in the new jungle on the efficiency side. This will encourage more jungler conflict as well as add tons of opportunities for great counter-junglers to pull ahead.

* It allows junglers to farm and catch up a little better if they fall behind early (Of course, enemies can continue to disrupt this and push the advantage as needed), but the option is there, which creates new strategic options for coming back.

There's a few other changes too, but this is the mechanics-level one we're testing right now. While I encourage feedback, I'm excited to see people try this out (if it continues testing well).
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

edit: Pushed back to Saturday for a tentative release as per Morello's comments in the same thread. You can also try out the new "banking" feature on the PBE!


  1. I read the title and thought this was going to be like a secret shop in dota. Like a bank in the jungle where you can withdrawal items.

  2. Sounds great, I really wanna see how this works out. Maybe I'll be better at jungling after this haha.