Hyena Warwick Teaser and Cho'Gath Champion Spotlight

Posted on at 2:21 AM by Moobeat
Earlier Riot posted up another teaser for an upcoming skin! Although confirmed as a non legendary skin and confirmed at the 975 Riot Points price point, Hyena Warwick will sport "some new features".

Check out this video preview of the new skin and it's animations from youtuber T0mT4yl0r! Although this is taken straight from the game files, there is still a chance Riot might switch things up before release, so take everything tentatively.

Riot also cranked out another champion spotlight for the classic champion Cho'Gath, theTerror of the Void!

I have to admit, Cho'Gath holds a special place in my heart. He was the first champion I ever owned as well as the first champion I ever had a skin for ( props to you Alienware Arena give away ).


  1. Great teaser, great spotlight!

  2. Whats up with this new podcast that is using your logo but called "geek slant"?

  3. @Aegis

    Not sure, It would appear Neil has rebooted IP Boost but he never got in touch with me or anything.

  4. I give it 3 weeks without you. :)