Morello on Various Upcoming Champion Buffs

Posted on at 6:49 AM by Moobeat

Morello, the lead champion designer for League of Legends, chained off a series of posts on the forums last night giving a few hints and reveals of a few buffs we might see in the next Patch Preview or in the near feature.

Mordekaiser has tentative buffs coming up next patch and Morello swung by to add in that "we're going to let Morde stay in his role as a mage/fighter, we will not be giving him any CC (Morde is not a tank!  ), just adjusting numbers to more reasonable levels again.". Morde buffs es #1!

In a thread about the possibility of Shen getting some long awaited useability buffs this patch, Morello commented saying "Didn't get into next patch, Guinsoo is still trying out some new Feint ideas" and that the aim is to maintain Shen's role as a tank, not some sort of support fighter. Later in the thread, Morello also stated that he believes the current problems with Shen stem from the fact that with his kit " he doesn't provide enough utility to do anything but damage - this is what needs to be fixed".

On the subject of Katarina buffs , Morello commented "Not next patch, we do have a couple things FeralPony is testing, but they're not ready for prime-time yet."

And finally, Morello gave Twisted Fate players looking for some buffs just the slightest of glimpse into their future by replying to a thread with "Have to wait for patch preview ".

It doesn't fit into the same timeline as the other posts, but Morello also gave us a little update on how the Evelynn and Twitch reworks are going by saying "We have these on PTR, but they got delayed but us wanting to do the Season 2 changes. Evelynn is testing pretty well, while Twitch needs quite a bit of help. This is not on the immediate horizon still, sorry for all the delays =/".

I miss these patch previews.

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