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Posted on at 6:01 PM by Moobeat

So for those of you who haven't taken the time to fully enjoy Spectator mode, which I understandable given that it is currently limited to only custom games, Riot has another trick up their sleeve! The Public Beta Environment is currently being updated for the testing of Drop-in Spectator! As Iniquitee stated on the forums, ""Drop-in spectator" is the ability to join games as a spectator from your buddy list. They can be at any point in the game when that happens. There is no limit to the number of drop-in spectators in a game." and is certainly a giant step forward for the common usefulness of Spectator Mode. He also mentioned later in the thread that this new functionality is not limited to custom games, but open to all modes. Hurry and jump online after the update to try it for yourself!
Hello everyone!

We are taking down the PBE to update the content and add some new features for testing. PBE will go down at 5:00 PM PST and will be down approximately 2 hours.

In this update:
  • Drop-In Spectator
  • Enhanced appearance for PvP.net chat
  • Additional testing of backend PvP.net features

There are some known bugs with Drop-In Spectating but please report all feedback and bug reports to the forums so we can address them! We really want to hear what you think about the new spectator and chat functionality.

We are currently experiencing a problem where we cannot give summoners level 30 or RP/IP. We apologize for the inconvenience - summoner accounts will be updated as soon as we get that system working again.
- Iniquitee, Technical Producer Coordinator, via the official forums.

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  1. Hopefully this will be used more then dominion. That was really a flop, however spectator mode sounds like its going to be good