Ahri Patch Preview

Posted on at 1:22 AM by Moobeat

Too long didn't watch:

  • Twisted Fate is getting a buff to his auto attack range and his Pick a Card must now be manually targeted.
  • Tryndamere is getting a nerf to the healing PER stack on his Bloodlust heal. The base heal is unchanged.
  • Replacing the Perseverance ( Tier 5 talent that increases total mana and health regen ) mastery with  the old Strength of Spirit ( Maximum mana increased HP Regen )
  •  New Runes including hybrid armor/magic penetration, Gold over Time seals, bonus % health, and life steal / spell vamp quints. These are intended to replace the dodge runes that will be removed and refunded in the near future.
 Futhermore, there are a few tentative changes that Riot has mentioned for this patch in the past two weeks that did not make it into the patch preview. These include Mordekaiser buffs, Lux buffs, and Veigar playability changes.

Also, the more attentive summoners might have also noticed the Snowdown Showdown goodies scattered throughout the patch preview! Last year's event started around the 14th of December, so between these two observations, I think it is plenty safe to say we are going to get a bundle of holiday cheer from Riot come next patch.

The Minions have busted out their highly sought after Holiday attire.

New festive icons for Health Potion and Boots of Speed


  1. Nice to see some new runes incoming. Going to be interesting to see if they're worthwhile and on what champs. Thinking the spell vamp quints are gonna be sweet on energy and manaless champs...

  2. Great patch preview, seems to be a nice patch!

  3. Oo, i'm liking the color coding for buff, nerf, seal, quints etc. Looks like an interesting patch; i'm curious to see the full notes. I'm also excited for new runes. Might be useful.