Buffs for Lux next patch.

Posted on at 6:42 PM by Moobeat

Yummy Lux buffs are apparently in bound next patch, just in time to take advantage of her new skin!
Lux will be getting some attention this upcoming patch.

Right now, we feel she has amazing potential if the stars align and you are able to land all of her skills perfectly. At the current tuning, missing even just one of her abilities late game is devastating to her overall output and contribution to her team. In general, we want to make playing her a little more forgiving since she is so skillshot heavy. We hope to achieve that by making her spells a bit more consistent and slightly lowering cooldown/mana cost where we can.
- Statikk, QA Analyst, via the official forums.


  1. Less mana on all skills, faster travel/cast time on all skills.

    Im calling it right now

  2. LOL as if she needed buffs. Just get AA and she can ult every 24 seconds for shittons. These buffs = GG