Some Clarifications on the new Masteries

Posted on at 4:18 AM by Moobeat

Statikk kindly took the time to clear up a few questions, comments, and concerns of the heart that pertain to the newly announced masteries coming at us next patch. I think the most startling is that I never noticed Recall wasn't just called Recall on Dominion; I was intrigued by this new fangled Improved Recall.
I simply wanted to make a thread that clarified several of the new masteries, since I see a lot of the same questions and concerns coming up.


Tough Skin - reduces the damage taken from minions/monsters by 1 at rank 1, and 2 at rank 2 (not by 50% for 1 point)

Indomitable - reduces damage taken from all sources except true damage by 1 at rank 1, and 2 at rank 2 (not by 50% for 1 point)

Siege Commander - only affects enemy towers

Juggernaut - stacks multiplicatively with other disable duration reductions -- for example, Irelia with Merc Treads (35%), Juggernaut (10%), and 3+ enemy champions nearby (40%) will grant her a grand total of (1 - 0.35) * (1 - 0.1) * (1 - 0.4) = 0.351 ---> 1 - 0.351 = 0.649 ~ 65% disable duration reduction. Better nerf Irelia.


Expanded Mind - the bonus to Energy users does not scale with champion level, it is a flat +4/7/10 bonus at level 1

Improved Recall - reduces the cast time of your Recall by 1 second and Enhanced Recall (Dominion) by 0.5 seconds (1 point)

Scout - increases the vision range of your wards by 5% -- this affects Sight Wards, Vision Wards, and Wriggle's Lantern (1 point)

Runic Affinity - increases the duration of shrine, relic, quest, and neutral monster buffs by 20% (1 point)

Awareness - we intend for this mastery to no longer be a necessity especially for junglers, thus in the next patch we increased the experience gained from various jungle monsters in order to maintain current jungling paths

Sage - gain 40 bonus experience on champion kills/assists (50% reduced effect on the Crystal Scar)

Yes, many masteries have been nerfed/removed and many others have been buffed/created. I would encourage people to think less about how these compare to old mastery builds and rather be open to the new possibilities. After all, power especially in the case of masteries is completely relative.

Each mastery point is not meant to change the course of an entire League of Legends game, rather it is the sum of all of your choices that are meant to impact the way you play the game.

Lastly, this is very much an aspect of the game we will actively be iterating on especially in the short term. We will treat masteries as if they were champions and make changes as necessary, so feel free to voice your feedback once you've gotten your hands on them for a while.
= Statikk, QA Analyst, via the official forums.

For those of you who are worried about being forced into having to climb the Utility mastery tree ( and thus still have limited choices ) if you want to jungle, Statikk also mentioned "We very slightly increased the experience gained from various jungle monsters in the next patch in order to remove the necessity of having the Awareness mastery. Junglers will not be pigeonholed into going Utility just to be viable. "


  1. Hope you didn't waste 7380 IP on a set of dodge runes that are now useless on every champ save Jax. I was not so fortunate. This game just gets worse and worse! DotA 2 beta invite where are youuuu

  2. Udyr, too. But I got your point. I don't understand the whole idea of removing Dodge from the game. To me it's basically just the opposing mechanic of Critical Hit, they are both in essence random. They removed Dodge from other items, now they removed it from masteries. As of now, people only take Sword of the Diving against Jax and very rarely against Udyr. Dodge seems to be some sort of a misconception in the game right now...

  3. Thanks for the clarifications, interesting to see these changes.