Spectator Mode Now In "Open Beta"

Posted on at 9:03 PM by Moobeat
Be sure to try out these hotkeys when spectating!
 After a rather short testing on the PBE and the brief "closed beta" testing live, Riot has pushed Spectator Mode into an "open beta" testing. This means you can utilize the new mode for custom games of your choosing! I can't wait to more functionality churned out for this feature in the future; hopefully we will get a feature to watch tournament or buddy list games!

It is our pleasure to announce that we’ve moved from limited beta phase of our upcoming Spectator Mode feature into open beta. You will now be able to utilize this highly anticipated feature in custom games at any time of your choosing. We’ve been following the feedback in the limited beta closely, and we want to assure you this is just the first step. Spectator Mode will continue to receive major updates in future patches as we improve this new feature.

While spectating a match you will have the option to follow specific players, follow the perspective of both teams, remove the fog of war, etc. to help you get a better view of the battlefield. Whether you’re a hobbyist interested in learning more about a particular playstyle or a shoutcaster interested in commentating on competitive play, Spectator Mode is the perfect tool for the job.

This is just the first installment of a feature you’ve been asking for; we look forward to working with you to make Spectator Mode a fantastic tool for students of the Fields of Justice and shoutcasters alike!

If you are interested in spectating games, you should pay a visit to our Spectator Mode FAQ to learn more about this exciting new feature!

Need a quick hotkey reference guide? Check out our Spectator Mode key map here.
 - Status Kwoh, Producer, via the official forums.

If you are still finding yourself a little confused about the feature, check out Phreak's tutorial on how to use the new feature.


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