Fizz Patch Preview

Posted on at 12:51 AM by Moobeat
Riot released the Patch Preview for our upcoming Fizz Patch and boy is it chocked full of goodies. Ranged AD changes, nerfs for Sion, alterations for Katarina, and all of those delicious Mastery and Summoner Spell changes we've heard about.

Too Long Didn't Watch Run Down:
  • Katarina's Shunpo now makes Kat appear behind or in front of the target based on if she used Killer Instincts.
  • Nerfs for Caitlyn, Graves, and Kog'maw and buffs for Miss Fortune, Tristana, and Corki.
  • Sion's Death's Caress and Cryptic Gaze will have their AP ratio reduced by .1 each.
  • Sona's Aura of Perseverance now has a scaling Mana cost per level and the Armor / MF aura is being lowered.
  • Summoner Spells are getting a lot of changes.
  • Masteries are getting a compete rework.

The only observation besides "boy that's a lot to take in!" is in regards to Riot commenting on this being a tournament patch and how they didn't want to toss things up too much... yet they totally rework Summoner Spells and Masteries? Seems like a funny contradiction. Those changes have a lot of potential ramifications for every aspect of the game. Even with a quick glance over then you can see quite a bit of new selection for every role.


    1. Looks like a good patch, with a lot of changes.

    2. hi moo, I've been ignoring my blog but touching on yours now and then. I have a dumb question I could answer myself: When are they releasing this patch? And yes, there are so many gamebreaking combos they aren't aware of yet that there will be serious imbalances and changes will have to be made. The moment this patch comes out I'll be reworking my champs pages in ways that will make me overpowered and broken beyond belief on Janna/Gragas/Kassadin. It will be very nice to see Corki again and VERY nice to beat the crap out of all the cowards running flash every day forever. I personally never run flash, I run Ignite Teleport without change so much. Is gonna be brutal and chaotic =)im done ranting thx for your time!

    3. Im a kat player and i can tell you this is a nerf. The way this would help is if you harrass with shunpo, which you shouldnt do.

      It also will now prevent you from dodging skillshots and juking unless you have the 20 second cooldown up for killer instincs.

    4. Alo, when will there be another podcast? And who won that razer mouse?

    5. @Inhia

      Probably on Tuesday / Wednesday


      There is not more podcast, Neil ( the other guy on the show ) just disappeared and stopped all communication with me after the last one we did. I assume he just pocketed the Razer mouse.