Small Posts and Updates from Tuesday ( 11-15 )

Posted on at 3:03 AM by Moobeat
I've been out all day so I figure I'll just mash all the small red posts and a few other goodies into one concise little post. Let's jump right in.

1)  Next Riot Post Button

First off, we have a nice little forum improvement that was rolled out today. You can now, via a nice little button on the top right corners, jump between every Red post in your selected thread. Cool little feature huh?

As you know, it’s often difficult to track down multiple red posts within a single thread. Fear not my brave forum goers, for we have a solution for you! As of now, new red posts will be equipped with navigation arrows to allow you to jump easily between Riot replies. Simply click on the arrows on either side to the Riot logo and you will be taken to the previous or next red post.
=Riot Romulus, Forum Administrator, via the official forums.

2) New AFK Detection Stuff

Looks like Riot launched a few new AFK detection upgrades to help filter out all of the needless AFK rooms that plague the custom game lists. These AFK games eat up server space,make it a pain in the butt to find the ever popular ARAM games, and clog the usability of the new Spectator mode ( can't watch if you can't find a game! ) so who can argue with the validity of these changes?


We are pleased to announce that, in response to popular demand, we have expanded our AFK Detection utilities to include players who are squatting in practice games to avoid being kicked from for idleness. Players who are inactive in a game lobby will now be removed from in favor of those waiting to log in and play. This should keep the login queue moving more swiftly during peak hours and help get those summoners that are ready to play into their games faster. In addition, it’ll be easier for you to find games!

This expansion of our AFK Detection is a part of our continued commitment to making League of Legends the most positive possible gameplay experience for everyone. Stay tuned for further innovations in the future!
-RiotRara, Service Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

3) Removal of Nimbleness and Dodge Runes

Since the introduction of the new Mastery trees, the forums have been ablaze with people upset about the removal of the Defensive Tree ability called Nimbleness. The one point ability gave you a small movement speed boost after a successful dodge which can be used offensively and defensively on a large amount of champions, particularly bruisers, so much so that many people would run Dodge runes to increase its effectiveness. Naturally, Summoners are now quite upset that they have a set of dodge runes that are now much less useful. I don't really see the big surprise  - Riot has obviously been slowly phasing out dodge and the runes happen to be another casualty of this on going war! The complaint's  have made it to Riot's ears and they have responded with the following post:
We hear your concerns surrounding dodge changes and some recent communication inconsistencies. 

We’re going to be able to share more details about how we intend to address your concerns soon, but in the meantime we appreciate your patience. 
- Pendragon, Director of Community Relations, via the official forums.


  1. You don't see the usefulness? Against a heavy auto-attacking team, dodge runes are (were) very superior. Against a tryndamere, for example, dodge >>>>> armor, as he's critting you for 500 a hit. Nimbleness also procs often in the laning phase. I took dodge runes as Talon or Irelia top which would proc from minions attacking me and allow me the extra hit on my opponent as he was running away.

    Additionally dodge runes were good for many junglers -- like udyr to dodge ashe's slowing arrows, etc.

    Without nimbleness, dodge takes a huge hit in early game. Ninja Tabis are less useful as well.

  2. "Removal of Nimbleness and Dodge Runes"

    RUNES? or did you mean masteries?

  3. @Mullerja
    I was referring more to the fact about how everyone is shocked that Riot took away nimbleness when they have set several times they don't like dodge. I always ran dodge runes on Udyr and Singed ;p I


    No, I meant The Removal of Nimbleness AND dodge Runes as in how the Removal of Nimbleness effects the usefulness of Dodge runes. People are mad that they have, what they consider, under valued dodge runes now that they main "everyone can make benefit of dodge" mastery has been removed.