New Skins in Fizz Patch

Posted on at 12:00 AM by Moobeat
Thanks to Slushe on reddit, we already have the splash art for the new skins coming with the Fizz patch! As mentioned in the patch notes, we have Atlantean Fizz, Tundra Fizz, Amethyst Ashe, and Musketeer Twisted Fate.

In addition to these four, which are available when the servers come back up, we also have two new skins! We have what I can only assume to be Blood Lord ( sort of looks like Crimson Elite ) Vladimir and Temple Jax.

edit: I added in the in game models thanks to the ever so wonderful State of the League!

edit2: Looks like the Jax skin is what is was coming out, not Twisted Fate.  Check out the official skin release post here.


  1. omg so many awesome skins!
    Riot's gonna bleed me dry!!!

  2. Very nice skins, I like them! Well done by the devs.