Visual Comparison of the Flash Nerf

Posted on at 3:09 AM by Moobeat
Just a quick post to drop off a nice image, created by redditor Murphz, showing the new range decrease on Flash in game. This patch saw the range lowered by 50, but not many can guesstimate just how large that is!

Also, on a bit of a side note, I should have some Riot Squad Nasus skin codes to give away in the next few days. Stay tuned for when I figure out exactly how I want to do that; I'm totally up to suggestions.


  1. Take everyone that has subscribed to your blog and put them in a hat :)

  2. I'm wondering if that flash nerf would have efect on jumping through walls and obstacles.

  3. Skin codes!! I want some new skins.

  4. I'd say have people either subscribe to your page, or also make a contest post and have people post what they like of the new masteries/spells and draw them out of a hat randomly or something like that.

  5. i like TheDarkKami's idea but it all depends on how many people do it and how many codes you have, if you have enough you could simply take the names of the first 30 comments or something. All i know for sure is that i would love one :P

  6. I agree, lowering the range by 50 doesn't seem like that big of a deal until you actually see the difference side-by-side.

    As for the contest, I guess I like the idea of you just choosing random names from your subscribes but you do what ever's best for you.

  7. Idk how to subscribe on blogs DX

  8. The flash nerf affected to pass some walls too

  9. heave been waiting for this flash nerf for a long time...sounds great

  10. make people make a lore for k9 nasus

  11. Ok then ill make a poem

    Nasus farms his q
    Nobody goes to stop him
    Everybody dies

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  13. Wonderful, I'll stay posted for the giveaway. God, I love this page.

  14. All by himself was nasus
    Killing the minions top lane
    The team didnt move their asses
    So nasus inflicted some pain

    He walked into their team with ghost
    Wondering what to do
    He activated E killing most
    And killed the rest with Q

    Note: I dont know whether spirit fire is W or E.

  15. There was a Nasus
    Farming his Q
    Killing some creeps
    Without further ado
    He rushed to the turret
    Pointed his staff
    When suddenly Annie appeared on map
    He changed his target
    From turret to her
    But couldn't do much
    As Ryze was there
    They ganked the dog
    Wanted him dead
    But couldn't do shit
    Because he was fed
    You probably know
    How this story ends
    U can't let him farm
    Or you'll met your end.

    K-9 Nasus Skin Plox xD

  16. -clap clap clap-
    But there doesnt rhyme with her and ends doesnt rhyme with end.
    Regular rhyme pattern plz

  17. Staying tuned for Nasus codes.

    Great blog!

    I think a cool competition would be a screenshot at 20 mins of how much bonus damage Siphoning Strike has and the highest ones win.

  18. Do a video competition for funniest death?