Asylum Shaco Now Available!

Posted on at 7:47 PM by Moobeat

It is much to my dismay to announce we didn't get Pulsefire Ezreal today, but only Asylum Shaco! Regardless, Ashylum Shaco has been released for 975 Riot Points and is just nutty enough to hold me over until I get my proper Megaman Ez skin.

It’s another Monday, Summoners, which means it’s time for a new skin for one of your favorite champions of the League! 

If the idea of donning a straightjacket makes you at all uncomfortable or you’ve got even a mild clown phobia, then Asylum Shaco is almost certainly going to make your hair stand on end. Featuring a pair of vicious looking new knives along with an unnerving number of restraints, this is one jester your opponents won’t want to run across on a trip through the jungle!
- Moneypenny, Marketing Manager, via the official forums.

If they screen shots weren't good enough for you, here is a video of the screen compliments of T0m Tyl0r on youtube. Enjoy!

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