Mokulu's Champion Build Simulator

Posted on at 4:06 PM by Moobeat
Hey guys, I just wanted to give a shout out and point your attention to Mokulu's Champion Build Simulator - one of my new affiliates and an awesome League of Legends tool for planning your champions builds.

The tool allows you to pop in any champion and simulate what stats that champion will be packing with certain masteries, runes, and items. After adding items to your build, you can even check out how much damage each of the champion's abilities will be doing.  This calculator is super helpful for anything from theory crafting your own builds and seeing how good those new runes would be before purchasing to more advanced uses like figuring out what combination of runes and masteries is going to new you both of Akali's passives at level 1.

The builder is almost always updated the evening after a patch to reflect the most current build of League of Legends! Be sure to check out the Simulator here or on the new, permanent link on the side bar to the right, under our ad space. If you'd like to show the calculator some love on the official forums check out the thread here.


  1. God i wish riot would implement this. I also want a sandbox mode so that i can try things out. This would minimize the troll builds tested out in normal and keep them in the sandbox.

    I really want to play ad kassadin, ap master yi, maximum ap viegar with like 2k

  2. Yeah that's useful, thanks!

  3. That's very useful indeed! I like your blog, I'll be back!