Ranked Teams in Season Two

Posted on at 11:45 PM by Moobeat
Riot had some interesting news for us today concerning Season Two and the 5v5 ( or 3v3 ) premade ranked teams. Essentially we are getting team Tags, Names, and a Team Elo as opposed to a player Elo. While this isn't much more of a "why didn't we have this anyway" ( remember when the forums got search? ) feature, I still gladly welcome it. There is also a mention that Solo Queue will be appropriately renamed Solo/Duo queue.


Not too long ago we mentioned we’d be making some changes to ranked pre-made queues. We’ve got a brand new feature to share with you: Ranked teams! In the place of arranged 3v3 and 5v5 team matchmaking will be a system in which you can create a permanent, named group to take to the Fields of Justice! When Season Two kicks off, you and your friends can band together under a unified identity with one name, tag and Elo rating.

Ranked teams will allow you to easily organize your teams and track their progress. Each ranked team will have a captain who has the power to invite or remove members. You can then queue for a 5v5 or 3v3 ranked game as a team with any five (or three, on Twisted Treeline) members of your team. As your teams play together, their Elo rating will be calculated by how well your teams perform, independent of individual ratings. 

Ranked teams truly are a measure of you and your friends’ ability to work together in a competitive environment; and you may belong to multiple teams, each with its own Elo rating. You’ll be able to see how you measure up against the pros, and maybe even compete against them. As we mentioned in our Season Two Pre-Season announcement, we’re going to clear pre-made ratings so you can get a fresh start and a more accurate read of your team’s prowess.

None of these changes will affect normal play or ranked solo queue. Solo queue, however, will be renamed to “Solo/Duo Queue.” Rest assured, ratings will not be reset when this takes place. 

We’ll have more information for you as we draw closer to Season Two’s launch, so stay tuned!
- Status Kwoh, Producer, via the official forums.

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