Repost from General Forums about PC Gamer Issue that includes the Caitlyn Skin

Posted on at 7:31 AM by Moobeat
This is a repost of some images from a general forum thread about the new issue of PC Gamer.

They feature the next two champions: Magus, The Magus Ascendant and the formerly known Riven, The Shattered Exile.

 "This caster champ, a being of pure energy, perfectly captures the feeling of uncontrollable power. He charges up energy with each spellcast, temporarily increasing the damage and cost of subsequent spells. Playing him will be a tricky balancing act between knowing when to open the floodgates and pour out your damage, and when you're better off taking the slow-and-steady route"

The main image of Magus as a white ghost with armor and chains is his "super-charged" form, while the bottom shield-like image is his "low-energy" form.
 "It's never too late for redemption. This former Noxian soldier has forsaken her malevolent compatriots on a quest for self-discovery, wielding a shattered sword to remind her of the fractured world she left behind. Her high-mobility playstyle is reminiscent of arcade fighters, with the ability to combo skills in quick succession for maximum damage. When she gets her ultimate, people will die: her sword reforms to unlock its full power, sending massive energy waves crackling through the air with each slice."

Also, a note about the skin code: "The Arctic Warfare Caitlyn skin code is printed in big, bold letters within the magazine. The code itself is not wrapped in special/protective plastic or anything, so be wary of people possibly stealing the codes inside before you buy it."


  1. Hmmmm I'm thinking of picking up a copy at the international book store, but now I'm questioning if it's useful :O

  2. Red confirmed it won't work on EU :(