Patch Confirmed Next Week

Posted on at 11:31 PM by Moobeat

At Riot Games, we're committed to bringing you the best champions possible. Of course, quality champions do take time.

Riven, and the changes within her patch, will be coming next week. As we previously announced, Season One will conclude with our next scheduled game update. Therefore we will also be calculating the Season One Ladder rankings and rewards during downtime for this patch. 

Additionally, there will be an extra week (3 weeks total) between the Riven patch and the patch to follow. This extra time will ensure we bring you the best content possible in League of Legends.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. See you on the Fields of Justice!

- RiotRara, Community Assistant, via the official forums.


  1. Cool. Riven looks pretty awesome.
    Alas I don't paly as much melee as I would like, because everytime I do, I get dominated by good ranged players. :P

  2. This seems like this is really going to hurt Riot if they start patching every three weeks, especially with a lot of the imbalance that this patch might create.