Two Items from Dominion: Sanguine Blade and Priscilla's Blessing

Posted on at 5:31 PM by Moobeat

This isn't any sort of pressing news, but I did screen cap two of the new items from Dominion during today's streams. Don't forget to check out the stream tomorrow for the last day of Gamescon 2011 steaming.

Sanguine Blade

+60 Attack Damage + 15% Lifesteal UNIQUE Passive: Your attacks grant 5 attack damage and 1% life steal for 4 seconds, stacking 7 times.

Priscilla's Blessing

+25 Health Regen Per . Unique Passive: 15% Capture Rate ( does not stack with other Capture Rate Modifiers) Unique Active: +30% Movement speed for 2 seconds. 60 second cool down.

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