Needlessly Large Paysafecard Tournament

Posted on at 5:55 PM by Moobeat

Greetings Summoners!

Making an appearance at PAX Prime? Riot Games invites you to participate in our Needlessly Large Paysafecard Tournament, sponsored by Paysafecard and administered by Penny Arcade.

In the past, we coordinated with PAX to host a 3v3 tournament. However, due to popular demand, we will instead be conducting a 32 team 5v5 tournament this year! You asked for it, and your requests have been answered!

The Needlessly Large Paysafecard tournament will be held in the PC Free to Play (F2P) area starting at 11AM Pacific Time. Tournament signups will open 10AM Pacific Time on Friday and close on Saturday. We will be allowing a maximum of 16 signups per day, so arrive quickly and register your team. Signups are located at the table near the entrance to the PC F2P area.

WHAT: 5v5 Summoner's Rift Tournament (32 teams)
WHERE: PC Free to Play area on the 6th floor (Halls A, B, and C)
WHEN: Day 2 - Saturday, the 27th of August, 2011 at 11AM
WHY: Participate in the tournament for a chance to win one of the top 3 prizes provided by Paysafecard.

  • 1st Place - $1200 ($240/player) + Talon Bundle + Triumphant Ryze
  • 2nd Place - $600 ($120/player) + Talon Bundle
  • 3rd Place - Talon Bundle + 10$ RP per player

Dont forget to bring your A game in preparation for a series of fierce battles on the Field of PAX Prime!

- RiotMarcou, eSports Manager, via the official forums.

Here is a picture of the coveted Triumphant Ryze skin, which the top team will receive.

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