Champion Pricing Reduction Plan

Posted on at 3:35 PM by Moobeat

Moneypenny comes at us with some news ( and a new reduction on champion Teemo, Warwick, and Jax  ) about champion pricing.


We have heard your concerns about champion IP prices, and know that many of you are looking for more affordable options to round out your champion lineups. Fair enough! In an effort to satisfy these concerns, we're going to be rolling out a series of brand new initiatives aimed at bringing you some more bang for your proverbial buck.

For starters, as you've already seen in the past few weeks, we've begun to reduce the prices on many of our older, more classic champions. Beginning back in April we slashed the IP costs of Malphite, Morgana, and Ryze, with Cho'gath, Taric and Annie following shortly thereafter in August. You can expect to see more of the same for many more of these old favorites going forward. This is all part of an ongoing plan aimed at ensuring that we have a strong, well-rounded compliment of affordable champions available for any play style. 

Additionally, if you're looking to get your hands on some of our more contemporary additions to the League, we're also going to be offering a series of new bundle deals. We'll be trying out a number of different options in the future, offering everything from champion variety packs to bundles themed around specific roles.

Stay tuned for more updates on these and future deals!

- Moneypenny, Marketing Manager, via the official forums.

As of right now, two new bundles have been added to the store for 2600 Riot Points each. These bundles offer five champions for a low combined price. Both of the bundles are great deals, with my personal pick going to the Variety pack as it contains all very viable champions. The contents of each pack are as follows.

Melee DPS Pack

Akali ( normally 975 RP )
Nocturne ( normally 975 RP )
Olaf ( normally 975 RP )
Pantheon ( normally 975 RP )
Xin Zhao ( normally 975 RP )
Savings: 2375 Riot Points

Variety Pack

Maokai - Tank ( normally 975 RP )
Sona - Support ( normally 975 RP )
Miss Fortune - AD Ranged ( normally 975 RP )
Jarvan IV - Tanky DPS ( normally 975 RP )
Brand - AP Ranged ( normally 975 RP )
Savings: 2375 Riot Points 

Edit: As per THIS POST, these bundles are limited and only available until the 2nd of September


  1. I'm only missing 6 champions, soooo fat chance they'll put those into a pack

  2. Whoa man, you are still going strong! I took a little break, but I'm back at it. Check out my new blog too, it's jokes!