Dominion Now Streaming

Posted on at 3:14 PM by Moobeat

Riot is now streaming live and shoutcasted Dominion games! Check out the stream here and check out a bit more information here! This is the first chance we have at seeing live Dominion games ( except for TB's video yesterday ). They will be streaming through the rest of Gamescon and again next weekend at PAX. Be sure to check out Twitter during the stream for a tons of chances to win Riot K9 Nasus skin codes from the @RiotPhreak and @RiotTamat.

Shout Casted Games Live from 12 p.m - 3 p.m PST.

While the steam is down, be sure to check out the Gamescon 2011 League of Legends event site for all sorts of goodies such as cosplayers, interviews, and day wrap ups!

Also be sure to check out the Intel Extreme Masters tournoment coverage (including recaps and replays ) over at

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  1. looks fun to play if i'm in the mood for some quick games and teambattling