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Posted on at 10:21 PM by Moobeat

Hey guys, I just to dedicate a post everyone who has been emailing me and asking me in game about the status of IP Boost.

I regretfully inform you that IP Boost has been discontinued as far as I am concerned. Neil, the person I co-hosted with, has sort of disappeared. He won't acknowledge my emails or any other communication so I can only assume this is his way of telling me he has become too busy or unable to devote time to the show. As most of you listeners know, a podcast is typically free and simply costs the time of the hosts to produce, create, and edit material for it. Neil put a lot of time into the podcast and I am sad that it has ended so abruptly. As many of you may recall from previous episodes, Neil and his wife recently had a child and I am sure this has not made things easy for them. My only regret is that me and Neil could not have some sort of official discussion about this as I can not get his attention ( on Twitter, Skype, Email, etc. ) long enough to have some sort of proper send off. I loved the show and want to take this time to think all of you guys for downloading the podcast. As this project was something I joined in on and did not create myself, I will not be continuing it.

With that being said, I am totally free up for similar projects. I may continue a podcast on my own if I can rouse up the guests for it or maybe switch to something of a "general" gaming podcast. I'll be sure to post the details as I have them available.

Take care summoners!

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  1. That's really too bad. I was a long time fan of the podcast and loved the atmosphere in it.

    I hope Neil is doing well