Catching Up: Unreleased Skins, New Animations, and New Default for Tryndamere

Posted on at 11:34 PM by Moobeat
Sorry for the lack of timely updates guys, but don't fret! Surrender at 20 isn't going any where.

First to start things off, I just wanted to clear the air that what I thought was going to be a new Tryndamere skin from a post or two ago is actually his new default skin! As you can see above, it is a darker skin than the original and the sword is style a bit different.'

Speaking of Tryndamere, He also received some new animations this patch alongside Janna and Kayle! Check out this video from FTWBroadcasting that shows all of them in action.

So we have two new unreleased skins to come out of the patch Tuesday; Full Metal Patheon and Demon Blade Tryndamere. The Tryndamere skin, which looks completely badass, has also been confirmed as Legendary. Check out the pictures below to snag a better look and check out the new voice overs for Demon Blade Tryndamere.

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