Back from Vacation!

Posted on at 11:15 AM by Moobeat
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'm back from vacation. I'm just going to pick up from here updating the blog, but don't forget to check out these links to some pretty awesome stuff I missed while in Florida! I'm not going to dedicate a lot to each one, but here is some TLDR news from the past few days.

1) Region Selector - Allows you to pick which server you'd like to log on ( such as NA or EU ).

2) Leona, and a few new skins, have been made available - This one took a while to come out, but she finally made it out into the sunny fields of justice.

3) Stealth Remake Details - This one actually goes to a CLG red tracker for ease of reading, but it is a thread about the stealth remake that is finally starting to materialize. Long story short, the new system leaves champions like Eve and Twitch perma stealthed unless near an enemy champions field of vision. A ring indicator will be visible to the stealthed champion to know when they are visible. You should really give the thread a read.

4) Global Ult Changes and Pantheon - Post from Morello giving a bit more into the changes to global ults we will be seeing soon.

5) Kayle Update Next Patch - Currently the plan is to push out the long awaited update to Kayle's viability next patch... "plan".

6) Season One Extended - Season One is being extended! Expect rewards for each "rank" of rated games ( bronze, silver, gold, platinum ) and everyone will be getting an exclusive Kayle skin if they have completed ten or more games in any mode. The ratings of ranked summoners will also be "soft reset" to certain milestones. More details, such as time frame, numbers, and more will be coming in the future.