Multiple Rune Purchasing and Blitzcrank's New Animation

Posted on at 4:50 AM by Moobeat
The servers are finally back up after all of yesterday's problems and I have the ability to squeeze in one more update before I leave for Florida. I will return sometime Thursday, so see you guys then!
Just wanted to let everyone know the ability to puchase Multiple Runes at once has been added! Check out Moneypenny's announcement on the matter.

If there’s anything that we’ve learned since launching League of Legends, it’s that good things often come in sets. And like all good things, runes are no exception. So for your convenience we’ve just added the ability for you to buy as up to nine copies of a particular rune, or up to three quintessences, at the touch of a button.

The process is simple. When you click to purchase you see now see a quantity field at the top of the box. Simply press the ‘+’ until you’ve reached the total number that you would like, then press ‘Unlock’ button to confirm your purchase.

We hope that this little improvement will take a bit of the headache out of filling in your runebook. Head on over to the League of Legends store to make your next rune purchase today!"
- MoneypennyMarketing Manager, via the official forums.

As you may have taken from the patch notes for, Blitzcrank received the change "Rocket Grab now has a proper animation." Here is a video of that sexy new animation!


  1. they should give you a better deal when you buy quantity lol.

    then let you trade and sell them with other players!

  2. I never had a problem with the Blitzcrank animation.

  3. I might log on just to try this new stuff out, I haven't played LoL in a quite a while though...

  4. Interesting new feature.

  5. Have fun on your vacation. I'm already missing your news posts :(

  6. Oh wow, I just played with a blitzcrank and didn't notice the new animation.