Posted on at 12:00 PM by Moobeat
@RiotGuinsoo has taken to another remake for us to follow on twitter. This time around it is not for a specific champion, but instead for jungling. As you can tell from the below picture, the #jungleremake is addressing a few key points of jungling.

First, Riot wants the jungler to have to chose between pvp and pve. Currently, a jungler roams his camps then has a small amount if down time, when monsters mostly dead, in which he can facilitate ganks. My interpretation of this is that we will see junglers who have to better manage the time between killing camps and ganking. Secondly, Guinsoo comments that he would like smite to be optional, but is unsure of how it will pan out. He also mentions that he would love for champions in their lane to be able to poach small camps ( bottom taking golems or mid taking wolves ) without it being detrimental to the jungler. The next comment is that they would like more champions to have increased jungle viability and make it easier for new summoners ( those without proper runes and masteries ) to jungle.

Guinsoo is constantly posting new information and discussing certain points on his twitter, so tune in to #jungleremake on twitter for updates!


  1. hehe and next info about LOL :D I like this ;D thx ;p

  2. 'it easier for new summoners ( those without proper runes and masteries ) to jungle'

    I often Jungling, just like it and remember what hell I went through without a runes ...