Yorick Champion Spotlight + Confirmed Buffs.

Posted on at 3:56 PM by Moobeat

The Yorick Champion Spotlight has finally been released several days after he was made available on live servers. This delay stems from minor skill changes and what not that were implemented post Riot leaving for Dreamhack leaving Phreak, who normally guides the masses in these videos, without the proper tools to complete it for a timely release. Check it out below.

Speaking of Yorick, many players are finding our new gravedigger rather lack luster. Riot has already confirmed buffs for him in the next patch in a thread entitled "Yorick will get buffed next patch". Sort of cut and dry there.

My experiences with Yorick lead me to believe a duration increase on his ultimate ( I feel the decay on resurrection is a fun mechanic to play with ) and some toned down mana costs would lead me to enjoy him a bit better. I feel like 90% of team fights end up with my ghouls just getting destroyed and me not being able to keep up in the mana department long enough to put out consistent damage;=an ill fated glance in the direction of the ghouls crumple them into uselessness.
"Things we're looking at: This means we may do one, some, all, or none of these. These are just current possibilities.

Base stats
Mana costs
Ghoul durability vs AoE specifically
Ultimate duration / durability (considering removing the -10% per sec portion of it)
Damage output of various abilities
- Phreak, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.