Server Stability Plagues EU

Posted on at 4:43 PM by Moobeat
Riot Games has put out a good will post to apologize for extraneous amounts of downtime and connection issues that have been plaguing the European servers for several weeks. In light of all the problems, Riot hopes to ease the burden of the situation by compensating EU players with a few perks. First off, all EU players who logged on between June 1st and June 23rd will receive 550 free Riot Points ( roughly a $5 USD value ). Secondly, all in-game leaves, which once accumulated to a certain point are punishable by suspension or ban, from June 1st on are forgiven from players records due to the high likely hood that the server instability was to blame. Check out the official statement from Riot Games President Mark 'Tryndamere' Merrill.

"Riot’s mission is to be the most player-focused company in the world. League of Legends has grown from an idea to a worldwide phenomenon at a pace that’s both thrilling and humbling. Our player base is now several million strong and spans over a dozen countries. Unfortunately, this has garnered us some extra attention from cyber bullies. Some of which has been detrimental to your gaming experience.

You’ve probably heard rumors of the DDoS attacks that we’ve been experiencing. Unfortunately, these rumors have been a reality, and are a big part of why our service has been suffering. We’ve been working around the clock to maintain stability, but the malicious nature of our internet assailants have made that difficult.

In any case, we understand that the service that we’ve been providing you has been unacceptable and we will not rest until we provide the phenomenal service that you all deserve. So to thank you for your patience during this period, we’re happy to provide the following:
  • 550 RP to every summoner who has logged in between 12:00 a.m. CEST on June 1st, 2011 and 11:59 p.m. CEST on June 23rd, 2011
  • Leaver amnesty from games going back to June 1st. Many disconnections weren’t your fault, and we don’t want unintended leaves to reflect negatively on you.

We know that the best form of compensation we could provide you with is consistently stable access to League of Legends, but as we strive to make that a reality, we want to give you this as a token of our appreciation for your patience and support. Also know that a long-term fix to these stability issues is on the horizon, and we’ll have more information regarding these coming changes in the near term.

In the meantime, thank you for your support, your passion, and your patience.

Edit: We will begin distributing the 550 RP on June 24th and we currently anticipate all RP to be distributed by July 1st."

- Tryndamere, President, via the official EU forums.


  1. I hope this is going to be fixed soon

  2. nice, that they know how to behave

  3. At least they are recognizing the issue. That is more than some companies do sometimes.