IP Boost, a League of Legends Podcast, episode 14 released!

Posted on at 3:55 PM by Moobeat

The fourteenth episode of IP BOOST, a podcast dedicated to the wonderful game League of Legends, has been released.  After a week break due to the overwhelmingly busy life of Neil and the painstaking removal of my wisdom, we are back for nearly an hour of recapping all the great news that has graced us in the passing weeks.
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Episode 14 is set up a little different than all of the previous IP BOOSTs. In light of all the great news we need to catch up on, we decided to skip over the normal CHAMPION SPOTLIGHT, RAGE QUIT, and NOOB CORNER sections and focus straight on the news. So, we present you with a podcast chocked full of NEWS about E3, Dreamhack, Yorick, and the massive Patch v.! Couple all this "timely" coverage with a few listener mails in our U MAD BRO section and you have yourself a nice little podcast.

Head on over to the IP BOOST blog to check out the show notes and listen to the show. Alternatively, you can listen to us on iTunes by simply searching for "IP Boost" in the iTunes store. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns of the heart, shoot an email to ipboostpodcast@gmail.com.

Don't forget! If you have anything you'd like answered on U MAD BRO, our section dedicated to listener questions, make sure to email it to ipboostpodcast@gmail.com  and we will try to get it on the air!


  1. Great podcast and blog. Great to see dedicated coverage of League of Legends.

  2. been waiting for this podcast.

  3. nice podcast. ive decided, im downloading this!