Riot's Official E3 Announcement Video and Some Discussion

Posted on at 11:16 PM by Moobeat

As they promised, here is Riot's video for us showcasing what they have been demoing for the press during E3.

Not a lot of new information here, thanks to the Gamespot live cam footage from yesterday, but we do get to look at the UI for Spectator mode. I was sort of expecting it just to be a slight deviation from the normal UI but there seems to be a ton of goodies packed in there.
One thing you may have noticed mentioned is that all three of those champions announced are either a tank or a tanky dps sort of champion. In a thread complaining about only getting tanky champions, Morello informed us Skarner would not be one of the next three champions to come out; there will be one between Skarner and Leona. It doesn't give us any sort of exclusive information, but certainly warrants mentioning.

"Also, the order is;

Yorick (Tanky DPS)
Leona (Pure Tank)
Skarner (Tanky DPS or Tank, I'd like to provide build options for both)"
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.