IP Boost, a League of Legends Podcast, episode 13 released!

Posted on at 3:33 PM by Moobeat
The thirteenth episode of IP BOOST, a podcast dedicated to League of Legends, is now available for the listening pleasure of all Yordles and Demacians. Be sure to listen to the show for details on how you can win a free RAZER gaming mouse!
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In episode thirteen we has a massive amount of NEWS to cover! We gave a shout out to the winners of my contest, talked about the two new Blood Moon Skins, what we thought would be some cool new Taric and Tryndamere Skins, the possible Shen tweaks coming soon, the changes coming for CV, and finally we discussed how ghoulish Yorick looks. In RAGE QUIT, we took a look at a listener submission about just how ticked off he was at matchmaking. Our champion spotlight this week was a spirited debate the finer points of playing Gangplank The Saltwater Scourge. In our section for new players, NOOB CORNER, we talked a little about 5 Gold Per 10 items and how the can pay off for you in the long run.
Head on over to the IP BOOST blog to check out the show notes and listen to the show. Alternatively, you can listen to us on iTunes by simply searching for "IP Boost" in the iTunes store. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns of the heart, shoot an email to ipboostpodcast@gmail.com.

Don't forget! If you have anything you'd like answered on U MAD BRO, our section dedicated to listener questions, make sure to email it to ipboostpodcast@gmail.com  and we will try to get it on the air!


  1. Remember, there's a contest for the next two weeks! So be sure to check it out! http://ipboost.blogspot.com/p/razer-naga-contest.html

  2. sweet, free stuff is always cool

  3. I quite fancy that Razer gaming Mouse. Good post.

  4. you know, i just never got into league of legends. i tried, belive me... i just never saw the appeal