Until We Get The Stealth Rework.. Stealth Bandaid?

Posted on at 11:42 PM by Moobeat

Morello has revealed that the Stealth mechanic, something that Riot has been working to fix and balance properly for months now, is going to get a bit of an emergency bandaid next patch. The basic problem with stealth is that the very small amount of champions that utilize fully ( Eve / Twitch ) mold the game in a negative way; players are constantly on edge and play dramatically different in response to them. They are also quite the normal / low level game stompers, grieving low level players with a negative play experience.

"To clarify, this is not the stealth changes - but we need to put a bandaid on it while we finish. I wanted to wait to do this, but it's causing too much damage. Sorry to Eve players in advance."
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. hahah, they stuffed that one up. at least they are sort of fixing it now

  2. any hero can be a low level normal stomper lol. so easy to counter eve/twitch

  3. Nice, stealth really needs reworking... maybe to put some timer that restricts how long you can be stealthed...