One Contest Concluding and One Starting

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The results are in on the "Your Dreamhack Comes True" contest! A few weeks ago, Riot posted what they felt were the top twelve submissions and let the community decide on the six "super finalists". Of these finalists, Riot games then hand picked the grand prize winner; MikeLightLights. Check out the official post below to see MikeLikesLights' video as well as who else placed in the top 6 and won some crazy loot.
The videos flew in, the votes shot up, and we’re proud to announce MikeLikesLights is the winner of the Your Dreamhack Comes True contest! We’re bringing Mike and a friend with us to the Season One Championship in Sweden! We’re also including a great Razer prize pack featuring the BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard, Megalodon headset, Deathadder Black mouse, Scarab gaming surface and a messenger bag so they can game in style at the event. 

Everyone in the community – fans and Rioters alike - was touched by the story of family and friends coming together to enjoy League of Legends, and Mike’s video reminded us how important this game is to so many people, and ourselves.

Runners Up and Honorable Mentions

Summoners, you called the shots and voted for your favorite videos to claim some fantastic runner up prizes: a Razer Deathadder Black mouse, Razer messenger bag and 7,200 Riot Points! 

Congratulations to

We also have some honorable mentions for the folks who proved their love for the League … and sometimes other things like meat products. These passionate summoners will receive a Razer Abyssus mouse and 5,000 Riot Points to strut their stuff on the Fields of Justice!

Summoners, you gave us smiles, laughter, and your hard work. Most importantly, you shared your story. We are thrilled and humbled to have such incredible fans; you remind us why we make this game. 

Thank you, all of you, and good luck on the Fields of Justice!
- nikasaur, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

Bummed you didn't win? Well, don't feel too bad because Riot is hosting another lovely contest! Remember the Kayle rework that has been coming down the pipe for some time now? Well, they are also going to be pushing her out with some delicious new animations. There is a bit of a snag though ... they are at a bit of a loss for what her new dance animation should be!

Riot is hosting a contest for summoners to help decide on Kayle's new /dance. In addition to having it implemented in game, the winner will also receive Kayle and one of her skins unlocked on their account. Riot will also be giving away some 4 Win IP Boosts to some of the more.. creative entries. Check out the post below and enter quick; this contest ends Sunday night!


It’s often said that Justice is blind. That may be the case, but it shouldn’t stop her from busting a move, and we want you to show her exactly what move to bust!

After standing sternly as the face, and helmet, of the Tribunal, Kayle deserves to get her groove on, and we want Summoners to demonstrate a dance to replace the one she has right now. In technical terms this means our animators will choose one lucky winners performance from Youtube and turn it into the slashdance for Kayle’s model.

Yes, you read right: your shifts, sways and sashays could get summoned onto the Fields of Justice to serve as Kayle’s new dance and blow your enemies’ faces off with their sheer sweetness. We’ll also be giving out 4 Win IP Boosts on Monday 7th June for the funkiest entries we receive! On top of being featured in the game, the contest winner will receive Kayle and one of her skins (winner’s choice).

Submission guidelines: 
  • Show us your moves through a Youtube submission that is 10-50 seconds in length.
  • Post a link to the video here in the thread.
  • You can demonstrate the dance however you like, be it finger puppets, spoons painted gold with wings attached, or just plain getting down.
  • The dance needs to be clear so that our Animators can work with it if you are chosen!
  • If your dance is inspired by one that already exists please provide details of where it came from.
  • You can also link to dances you did not create or film yourself. If you find a super-sweet clip of a dance and think that it would suit Kayle, let us know. As always no obscene, violent or pornographic entries please. This is for Kayle, not Morgana.
  • Submissions should be made by Midnight GMT on Sunday 6th June.

Kayle sits ready to adjudicate your jigs! Remember to post your submissions HERE, so everyone can see it! No need to send an email.

Check the Official Rules for more information.

- RiotYmir, European English Community Coordinator, via the official forums.


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