6-2's ELO/ Ranked Trouble

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Here is a post from the Help & Support forum regarding some problems affecting ranked games. Don't worry though, the problem is mostly contained to new players entering ranked play for the first time. Ranked ques continue to be disabled at the time of posting.

Check out the post below for some more details.

Greetings Summoners,

UPDATE 1:39PM: I'd like to stress that ETA stands for Estimated Time of arrival. ETA for compensation: Sometime today. ETA for stat fix: Early next week
UPDATE 1:35PM: We should be able to return the lost elo to some degree. The system will not be perfect but it will take into account the missing games and games played after we fixed the problem. Bottom line: playing now will help your elo if you win and your previous elo gains are not lost.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Riot is aware that some players are missing their ranked statistics are elo.

Who does it affect?
It affects users who are new to ranked games around May 27th to June 2nd

  • Elo is reset
  • Some games are missing from W-L on the profile tab but appear in Ranked Stats

We hotfixed the issue during the platform reset last night(June 2nd). Ranked Stats will be functioning properly from here on out.

We realize that the first foray into ranked games is a very special time for many players. I apologize profusely that this experience hasn't been the smoothest for you. I ask for your continued patience during this time while we resolve this issue. Rest assured we are aware and making it a priority to make this right.

Q:Is it my account? Am I cursed?
It only affects players who began ranked and played within the timeframe listed. Rest assured the issue is resolved now and further resetting will not occur.

Q:Will I receive my statistics back?
We are analysing and working on methods to restore this information.

Q:Will we be compensated?
We are looking into compensation possibilities pending on our ability to resolve this issue.

Q from Fr4ed: Could it be due to Season 1 coming to an end....?
Nope. It was simply an error on our end tracking the statistics.

- Brentmeister, Customer Support Specialist, via the official forums.

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