Vote for the Winners of My "MS Paint Your Favorite Champion(s)" Contest

Posted on at 7:58 AM by Moobeat
Please check out my thread on the official League of Legends board to vote for YOUR FAVORITE entry in my "MS Paint Your Favorite Champion(s)" contest!

Here is a copy&paste of the thread from the boards
Wow, I want to start off by saying how completely impressed I am with everyone who entered. From the poor to the profound, I am totally shocked by how many entries fantastic entries I recieved. My final count, including those who fudged up on the information and those that were emailed to me, was 122 submissions. I was stuck with a clump of 30~ of them for a while and after much deliberation, I finally selected what I think were the ten best entries.

Here are the ( 10 ) wonderful MS Paint works of art that I narrowed my MS Paint your Favorite Champion(s) contest down to. Please vote for your favorite submission. The top three at the end of Sunday night will recieve $10 in Riot Points!

"Fire Hazard" by Serious Fox - 

"Good Ol' Days" by Raharu

"Walkin' the Void Puppy" by Scribble Cloud 

"Malz Does the Creep" by bobashek

"Maokai" by Mr D

"Nidalee the Huntress" by xElegance

"A Tribute to MINION: The True Champion" by Pika7

"Singed FTW" by Mister ****e

"A Hawaiian Ashe" by KissableKasindra

"Urgot projects a deformed shadow, but who cares" by Mordy TR

I'll check the poll on Sunday at 11:59 PST and edit the original post to congratulate the winners. The winners will then be responsible for getting a hold of me to claim their prize! I am available at this email address, @moobeat on Twitter, or in game under the summoner name Moobeat. Make sure you let me know what server your on when you contact me. Unfortunately the cards I bought don't work in EU, but I will happily paypal the USD equivilent of the cards if any of the winners hail from the EU servers.

Didn't make it on the list above? Don't fret! I'm still giving away ( 2 ) $10 Riot Point cards to random entries. I'll post the names of these two winners when I edit the post for the three most popular submissions so make sure to check back here if you entered the contest.

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Thanks for taking your time to enter the contest and vote for your favorites. Also, a special thanks to those of you who have been commenting on my blog!

Here are the pictures, in the same order they appear in the thread. They also all say their name if you happen to be confused at which one your looking at.


  1. My vote for the minion picture!

  2. Urgot in the forum post has a very bad quality image. change the link =(

  3. all of them are nice it's hard to vote, and you should give them numbers or names

  4. Did bloggers do these?

    My vote is for the minion one ^.^

  5. I like 'Walking the void puppy'

  6. "A Hawaiian Ashe" by KissableKasindra
    should win

  7. Lots of great pics there and I like them all.

  8. I voted for walking the void puppy!!

  9. These are awesome! Who did these?

  10. Amazing work, all of them but my favorite is "Walkin' the Void Puppy".

  11. thers no fucking way those were drawn in ms paint. i cant even draw a straight line in ms paint

  12. last one is the best! but all are good

  13. Wow...
    I couldn't even do half of those in photoshop!
    Great post, will definitely follow!

  14. oh wow! there's so much talent right there!

    awesome job guys!

  15. Cool blog, pal! followed, MC-hammer style!!!

  16. all of these are pretty good :)

  17. 'Malz Does the Creep' is what I'm casting my vote for. Awesome drawing.

  18. Awesome! Congrats to all of the winners!