Nasus and Veigar's "Stat Farming"

Posted on at 6:21 AM by Moobeat

In a post about Nasus and how viable he really is, Morello commented on his thoughts on the scaling abilities of Veigar and Nasus and how it effects them. It would seem the winds of change will soon be stirring for these champions with "farmable" power.

Relating to champions like Garen, who have a cap on the bonus stats they receive from abilities, I don't for see this ruining the champions, but perhaps just a way to balance them a bit better.

"Agreed. We're working on him pretty soon, we're evaluating cool ways to do those Nasus/Veigar farm skills and make the character consistent. 

That mechanic has to go, at least in its uncapped state; it makes characters unbalancable and too many best case/worst case differences."
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. can you post about how Nunu and Malz are getting nerfbatted, based solely on tournament results..which is bullshit..

    “Well said.

    Tournament results are meaningful to balance, and not using them as a metric is foolish. You'll see some other things we were suspicious of that the qualifiers added some data points to in this patch as well.”

    ? and how Morello went on a forum posting spree for an hour revealing things about stealth being revamped, and more aggressive play in the works. also how they have failed to respond to the community at all about the constant DDoS attacks over the past 3 days.

  2. Who is the similar hero in DotA?

  3. Yeah because Nasus and especially Veigar are so op they need a nerf lol. Get a grip on your game moreFAILo =)

  4. I just started playing League of Legends the other day with a friend. We had some trouble at first, but now I'm getting pretty decent. Brand is my favorite character so far.

  5. Veigar and Nasus are closer to UP than OP, these stats make them unique.

    May as well delete all the champs leaving 10 of them behind because sooner or later, they'll all be exactly the same, just with different artwork.

    By the way, remove that Vayne true damage too!

  6. Really nasus and veigar are so up thats so silly their farming ability makes them unique.I agree with this guy morello make them boring.Hey how about you worry about keeping the game stable instead of touching champs who are perfectly fine.Maybe you should touch champs like vanye or xin who can be 0 nd 10 get a few kills then get like 11 kills of tanks that cant die.Or yorick whos almost impossible to lane against come on riot you will just continue to lose player....make the game boring