[Fan Spotlight] pika7's Moe LoL Champions.

Posted on at 2:24 PM by Moobeat
Since news has been rather slow, what with all the LulzSec DDoS attacks yesterday and the Riot staff heading out to Dreamhack today, I thought I would treat you to another wonderful Fan Spotlight!

This incarnation of the spotlight is on none other than MS Paint Your Favorite Champion(s) winner pika7. pika7 is also responsible for that wonderful banner you see currently lofting above this post.

She regularly updates a thread on the official forums with different drawings and creations.  Her latest works have been quite adorable moe versions of our favorite League of Legends champions.

Want to see more of her work? Check out her thread on the League of Legends forums or her new deviantart account. She also streams from time to time, so check that out too! I want to give a personal thanks to pika7 again for the wonderful banner!

P.S Where was our patch?!


  1. lmfao. I didn't think that was morde

  2. Loving pika7's art work, I wish I had this type of talent

  3. Wow, a lot of talent here! LoL rocks!!!

  4. Really nice designs on these.