Nunu and Malzahar Nerfs In Next Patch?

Posted on at 2:04 PM by Moobeat

In a thread further discussing the Vlad nerfs, to which the community seems quite out raged about, a fellow summoner presented an "inb4 nerfs on..." post and listed off a lot of champions who saw a ton of play during the Dreamhack Qualifiers. Morello responded to the thread with the below statement, concreting some nerfs for Yeti Riders and Prophets of the Void alike.
"Nunu and Malz [ nerfs ] are in this patch."
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. I feel so stupid when I try to play this game, Xenot, where are you?

  2. The personage meets very good, lol rulz

  3. Nooo, not Malhazar. Hope they don't nerf his farming.

  4. Nunu can't be nerfed! that'd suck!

  5. This might be unrelated, but I still gave to ask: where did yer metal blog go? I loved that blog :(

  6. @Northern

    My blogs got hit and long story short my adsense was banned and I had a slew of abuse reports against me for no reason.

    As best I can imagine someone got a little devil in them and wanted to mess with me. job well done I guess. I'll probably only be updating this one from now on unfortunately.

  7. @Moobeat

    F*****' hell man :/ What twats the perpetrators are. I really liked yer blog :(

    Oh well. Best of luck from me, mate. Gonna miss yer blog ;(