Summoner's Rift Update Megathread

Summoner's Rift Update

[ Megathread last updated on 10/29 with the OPEN BETA ANNOUNCEMENT!] 

[ The Summoner's Rift update is currently AVAILABLE FOR TESTING on the PBE !] 

As the updates to Summoner's Rift are comprehensive and exciting, I'll be doing my best to keep up with a mega thread for all SR related info! This page will include official communications, as well as the site's coverage on the map as it evolves on the PBE!

Articles // Discussion

PBE Coverage // Updates:

Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!

Good news everyone - the updated Summoner's Rift will soon be pushed to live for an OPEN BETA!
Here's Riot Aeon with more information:
"For almost six months, we’ve had the updated Summoner’s Rift stewing on PBE as we made tweaks and changes based on your feedback. Although we’ll continue to refine and optimize, we’re pretty happy with where we’re at right now, so we’ll soon be moving onto the next phase: open beta! Once the 2014 season is officially wrapped, we’re going use a staggered rollout during preseason, pushing the updated map onto live in stages to help ensure server stability. Here’s the order for our planned rollout: 
  • Stage 1: Team Builder and Intro Bot games
  • Stage 2: All normal modes, custom games, and all other bot modes
  • Stage 3: Ranked 
    We expect this rollout could take several weeks and we may delay stages if we run into bugs or server stability issues. That said, our plan is to push it out as fast as we can while making sure its appearance is toaster-friendly and doesn’t Lee Sin kick our servers into oblivion.  
    Finally, while this is still technically a beta (we're planning to continue to update Summoner's Rift--for example, expect updates in the next couple of patches!), the updated Summoner’s Rift will eventually completely replace the old one, so there will be no separate queues to play on the existing SR. This’ll allow us to focus our resources on improving the updated SR, and avoid splitting the team’s focus by having to make the upcoming preseason changes on both.  
    From the entire team that worked on this update, we truly wanted to thank you for your feedback! We can’t wait to face you all in-game on Summoner's Rift 
    Riot Aeon"

    Summoner's Rift Preview:

    Here' Riot's latest, official preview of the updated map ( although it is a little out dated now!

    PBE Coverage

    The following is a closer look at the work-in-progress version of the Summoner's Rift update! Be warned that some information or pictures/video maybe slightly outdated but I will do my best to update them when something significant happens!

    Questions? Comments? Concerns of the heart? Try these links:

    [10/8] Updated Tour Videos

    Here's a few up to date tour videos, as of the 10/8 update!

    Spectator Pan Tour

    Foot tour

    Jungle Camp Spawns

    and here's an example of the Red Nexus Explosion, something they've been iterating on heavily.

    There is also now a Philosopher's Stone ( a previously removed item) hanging on one of the stones.

    [9/25] Inhib Respawn Timers

    While the features is still very much a WIP, Inhibitors now have a visual indicator to show their respawn time!
    The ground textures on the SRU have also been updated! I'll snag a new video at the end of the cycle

    [9/15] Environmental sounds!

    [8/26] Summoner's Rift Update Returns - Ripples, Critters, and more

    The Summoner's Rift update is back up for testing on the PBE, although there appears to be a few texture bugs!

    The second, small PBE patch also contained files for an "Antlermouse" critter, which I'm sure we'll eventually be able to find scurrying around the updated map. Here's a look at it's textures / model!


    Here are the locations of all the in-game critters I've been able to find!
    [ Antler Mouse to the left of blue side wolf camp ]
     [ Another Antler Mouse near the brush to the right of blue side wolf camp ]
    [ Several birds have been added along the outer rim of the map ]
     [ Butterflies in the top of red side base ]
     [ Frog above the red side wolf camp ]
     [ Lizard to the right of red side red buff camp ]
    [ Snail to the right of Blue Side golem camp ]
    [ Second snail, near bottom blue inner tower ]

    River Ripple

    As the community has been requesting, the river now has water ripples when champions walk through it!


    The area above the red side golem camp has been updated and now features a sword in stone!

    First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift

    Here's Riot Aeon with a rundown of the first big PBE update to the Summoner's Rift update
    "Hey Summoners,   
    It’s time for our first big update to Summoner’s Rift! We’ve got a lot of content today, with changes for everything from Baron Nashor to the minimap. Check below for all the details and, as always we’d love to hear your feedback in this thread and please report any bugs you find here.   
    • FOG OF WAR :: In-game coloration has been improved!
    • GROUND TEXTURES :: Ground textures have been adjusted so that jungle pathing should be more readable
    • MORE GROUND TEXTURES :: We've made the ground textures brighter for the north and east jungle, as well as all lanes
    • TEXTURE UPDATES :: We've updated textures all over the map
    • MINIMAP BRIGHTNESS :: Minimap brightness levels have been adjusted to address visibility issues (should be much easier to see wards on the minimap now)
    • CRITTERS :: Ambient Critters have emerged on the Rift! See if you can spot them!

    BRUSH  :
    Context: When we were looking at the positioning of top lane / bottom lane brush, we found that they were actually off-center by about 450 units. We considered just leaving them alone, but realized that this is exactly the kind of stuff we should be doing with an update to Summoner's Rift, so we shifted them back. 
    • BRUSH POSITIONING :: Top lane and Bottom lane brush have been re-centered (they’ve moved about 450 units in total)

    Context: We did some tuning for the Dragon fight to bring his damage closer to what you might expect on Live. That said, it was really tough to tell how much damage Dragon's fire laser (flame breath) was doing - and how frequently he was using it – so we removed it in the name of CLARITY.  
    • FIRE BALL :: Deals 50% damage to targets beyond the first (instead of full AoE dmg)
    • FLAME BREATH :: Removed (the dragon laser) 

    Context: We're testing something new! While these changes mean Baron will be easier to take out when a team has full control (less damage, no Voracious Corrosion on multiple targets), they also make it easier for opponents to engage on a team that's already started fighting Baron (as he has more crowd control abilities).
    Final point: removing the knock... forward? on Back Spikes makes the fight a little more forgiving for the squishy targets who want to hide deeper in the pit (or maybe we want them huddling there when a fight happens so it'll be harder to escape, who knows...).  
    • INDICATORS :: Have been recolored and will appear faster 
    • DEATH BREATH :: - Area-of-effect changed to match the visuals 
    • VORACIOUS CORROSION :: Baron's Spells no longer apply stacks of Voracious Corrosion (now only applied to whoever is tanking damage) 
    • BACK SPIKES :: No longer knock enemies toward the front of the pit 
    • ACID BALL :: No longer deals damage-over-time in the acid pools. Now slows for 50% inside the pool. 
    • BARON TAIL :: Knockup time increased to 1.25s (from 1s). Damage lowered by 25%. 
    • BUGFIX :: Baron now properly regenerates health when attacked from over the wall

    • Global map adjustments have been made so that minimap icons and in-game Fog of War will now draw correctly
    • Animated Brush performance optimizations
    • Creature/minion performance optimizations
    • Faster loading time for low end machines
    • Memory improvements across the map by optimizing animated props

    • Black screen of suck has been fixed
    • Mac is no longer die
    • Banner of Command now properly transforms cannon minions
    • Rengar's Dominion trinket is gone from the shop
    • Nunu's consume now gives buffs
    • Lee Sin no longer crashes the game when he uses Sonic Resonance on the Blue Buff (whoops)
    • Red and Blue caster minions no longer have different attack speeds (double whoops)
    • Red cannon minions have learned to attack properly
    • Health bars on structures are now in the correct place
    • Turrets are no longer missing particles
    • Pathing around turrets has been fixed
    • Dragon and Baron always attack
    • Missing icons for Baron/Dragon/jungle camps have been added
    • Debug strings when pinging Baron/Dragon/jungle camps have been fixed"


    [ 7/31 ] Map Tour

    [[ Information from the7/31 PBE Build // 4.14 PBE Cycle ]] 

    First up is an OK tour of the updated map featuring a quick drive by of each lane and camp.

    [ Out dated ] Map Tour

    [[ Information from the 6/17 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]] 

    For REFERENCE, here is an outdated SR update tour.

    Map Comparison

    [[ Information from the 6/17 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]] 

    Here's a comparison video with a comprehensive look at the differences between the current and updated Summoner's Rift!


    [[ Information from the7/31 PBE Build // 4.14 PBE Cycle ]]

    As mentioned above, the brush has moved a bit.

    Here's a handful of up to date screen shots of the map terrain.

    Jungle Camps

    [[ Information from the 6/17 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]] 

    All of the neutral jungle camps have been converted into new creatures more fitting for the Rift. Each camp has a new spawn animation, reacts to players approaching it, and more!

    Double Golems -> Ancient Krug + Krug

    Ancient Golem -> Blue Sentinel  + Sentry

    Lizard Elder -> Red Brambleback + Cinderling

    Wraiths -> Crimson Razorbeak + Razorbeak

    Wight -> Gromp

    Wolves -> Greater Murk Wolf + Murk Wolf

    Epic Monsters

    [[ Information from the 6/17 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]] 

    Baron and Dragon remain the same namewise but have had makeovers and have new abilities ( which trigger after every three basic attacks ) .




    [[ Information from the 6/17 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]] 


    [[ Information from the 6/17 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]] 

    Each side now has a unique shopkeeper. They will both have oodles of unique VO lines but those were not included in this initial build.
    Blue Side
    Red Side


    [[ Information from the 6/17 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]] 

    Both red and blue side minions now have distinct appearances.

    While normally model viewer shots are pretty gross, this is a good way to demonstrate the differences between the red and blue minions. 

    New SR Monster HUD Portaits 

    [[ Information from the 6/19 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]]

    The monsters and epic monsters that inhabit the updated Summoner's Rift now have shiny new portrait icons! These are the icons that display when you target them in game or when epic monsters are slain.

    [ Just to make sure we understand each other, these are NOT SUMMONER ICONS  ]

    Dragon and Baron

    Ancient Krug , Krug , Gromp , Razorbeak

    Blue Sentinel, Sentry, Red Brambleback, Cinderling

    Great Murk Wolf, Murk Wolf, and  Razorbeak

    SRU Minion Portraits

    [[ Information from the7/31 PBE Build // 4.14 PBE Cycle ]] 

    New in-game minion portraits  have been added. What you see when you click on a minion in-game, they are NOT SUMMONER ICONS!

    For example, this is where you would find the icons in-game.

    Blue & Red Health bars 

    [[ Information from the 6/24 PBE Build // 4.11 PBE Cycle ]]

    Like Baron and Dragon, Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback now have larger health bars that show their current HP values.

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