7.23 PBE Cycle

This mega post was last Updated on 11/15 with the 11/15 PBE Update
( With the release of patch 7.22 to live on November 8th, we started the new 7.23 PBE cycle. )

Previous PBE Cycles in 2017
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Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else  is included in the current PBE cycle! Be aware that these changes are extremely tentative, there is a possibility that things you see below will be changed or even reverted prior to the live patch.
( Note: As the cycle continues, some images may be outdated! )

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

New Champion - Zoe

Following her champion reveal. our new champion ZOE, THE ASPECT OF TWILIGHT is now on the PBE for testing! PBE Testers can report bugs in [this thread]. 

Riot Nekomaru with a Zoe bug thread:
"How do you do, fellow Aspects of Twilight? 
With today's PBE deploy, we've enabled Zoe on the PBE for testing and feedback! We've spent a lot of time trying to burn down our bug count, and are continuing to do so, but there are still a few things to take care of. If you happen to come across something odd during your time playing as, with, or against Zoe, please let us know through the Report a Bug tool with a description of what happened and whatever other information you can provide. 
I'll be keeping tabs on these threads throughout the 7.23 PBE cycle. Thanks for all your help! 
-- Nekomaru"

Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight

[Zoe has several different run cycles, idles, and transition animations! These seem to change randomly through the game but can also be changed with (default control+f5)] 

Stats & Abilities


  • Base MR: 30
  • Base AD: 56
  • Base Armor: 20.8
  • HP Growth: 92
  • Base HP: 526
  • Attack Speed Growth: 2.5
  • Base HP Regen: 1.3
  • Base Move Speed: 340
  • AD Growth: 3.3
  • MR Growth: 0.5
  • Attack Range: 525
  • HP Regen Growth: 0.12
  • Mana Growth: 50
  • Armor Growth: 3.5

More Sparkles! (Passive)
After casting a spell, Zoe's next basic attack deals x (+25% AP) bonus magic damage. 
  • Damage
    • 17/20/23/27/31/36/42/48/54/61/69/78/87/96/106/117/128/140 

Paddle Star (Q)
Range: 800
Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
Cooldown: 7.5/7/6.75/6.5/6.25
Fire a missile that deals increasing damage the further it travels -- [18 - 140 based on level] (+40/70/100/130/160) (+66% AP) to [45 - 350 based on level] (+100/175/250/325/400) (+165% AP) magic damage.
Recast to redirect the missile to a new position near Zoe.

Spell Thief (W)
No Cost
.25 sec Cooldown

Enemy Summoner Spell and Active Item casts drop spell shards lasting 40 seconds. Some minions also drop a spell shard when Zoe kills them. 
Active: Collecting a spell shard grants one cast of that spell. 
Passive: When Zoe casts a Summoner Spell or Spell Thief, she gains 10/25/40/55/70% movement speed for 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds and tosses up to 3 missiles at her attack target, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+40% AP) magic damage total. Each missile can apply More Sparkles! 

Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E)
Range: 800
80 Mana
15.5/15/14.5/14/13.5 sec Cooldown

"Dropkick a bubble that deals 60/100/140/180/220 (+40% AP) magic damage, lingering as a trap if it hits nothing. The bubble's range is extended when flying over a wall. 
After a delay, the victim falls asleep for 2 seconds. Attacks and spell hits break sleep but deal double damage, up to 60/100/140/180/220 (+40% AP) bonus damage. 
When an enemy falls asleep, Sleepy Trouble Bubble's cooldown is reduced by 10/15/20/25/30%."

Portal Jump (R)
Range: 575
50 Mana
11/8/5 sec Cooldown

Blink to a nearby position for 1 second. Then blink back. 
Zoe may cast and attack, but not move, during this time. She can also see over walls.


Here's Zoe's voiceover, clocking in at over 25 minutes! Erica Lindbeck is the VA.

Here's Zoe's special interactions for champions

A handful of non-English VO were also added to the PBE:


Zoe's short form bio is now on the PBE:
"As the aspect of youth, imagination, and change, Zoe acts as the divine messenger of Targon, heralding the major events that reshape worlds, before disappearing for hundreds or even thousands of years. Zoe's very presence alters the arcane mathematics which perhaps explains the breezy nonchalance with that she approaches the task and her tendency to focus instead on playing games, tricking mortals, or otherwise amusing herself. An encounter with The Everchild can be joyous and life affirming but it is always more than it appears... and always extremely dangerous."
You can find Zoe's full bio and short story on her Universe page!

Release Skin - Cyber Pop Zoe

As seen in her reveal and briefly in the teaser, Zoe's release skin is Cyber Pop Zoe! This splash does differ from the splash art we saw previewed on the Zoe reveal -- she now has one blue eye and one green eye!

New Champion Skins

Three new PROJECT skins on the PBE - 1350 RP skins for Jhin & Vi and 1820 legendary skin for Vayne!


1350 RP

Here's Riot Time Wizard with a bugs & feedback thread for PROJECT: Jhin:
"I cannot be good. I must be perfection." 
PROJECT: Jhin is a depraved criminal skulking through the seediest venues and alleys, always looking for his next victim. 
  • All new model - A fully robotic body with a glitching bright crimson visage.
  • All new recall animation - See the truth behind PROJECT: Jhin’s mask.
  • All new VFX - Striking crimsons against onyx.
  • All new SFX - Technology teeming with corruption.
  • New music on R - Four different intense tracks play during Curtain Call. 
PROJECT: Jhin is now available to play on PBE (tentatively priced at 1350 RP)! We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! Everything helps us make these skins even more awesome. We may not be able to respond to everyone individually, but we're always listening. 
Note: screenshots are slightly out of date and he is missing red VFX from his mask! Will be updated shortly."


1820 RP
[Mask appears when near an enemy]

As a legendary skin, PROJECT: Vayne includes a new voiceover and special interactions!
Here's Riot Time Wizard with a bugs & feedback thread for PROJECT: Vayne:
"PROJECT will learn to fear what they have created." 
PROJECT: Vayne is a vigilante who stalks the city’s underbelly. Operating outside of the law, she evades capture from Vi while tracking down PROJECT’s worst abomination: the serial killer Jhin. 
  • All new model - Fitted metal armor and PROJECT gadgetry, including a camouflaging motorbike.
  • All new animations - Sleek and stealthy animation set, fit for an advanced hunter.
  • All new VFX - Shimmering amethyst bolts and holographic markers, including a HUD mask overlay during Final Hour!
  • All new SFX - Tech-augmented bows and resonant metals!
  • All new, evolving VO - As Vayne levels up, the PROJECT side of her deepens, becoming more robotic as she grows stronger (levels up). 
PROJECT: Vayne is now available to play on PBE (tentatively priced at 1820 RP)! We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! Everything helps us make these skins even more awesome. We may not be able to respond to everyone individually, but we're always listening."


1350 RP

Here's Riot Time Wizard with a bugs & feedback thread for PROJECT: Vi:
"I'm my own backup." 
PROJECT: Vi is the lone enforcer bent on bringing both criminals to justice. 
  • All new model - Police-issued combat armor and copper gauntlets with holograms!
  • All new recall animation - Scour police reports to find information about the wanted criminal Jhin.
  • All new VFX - Neon amber rings, trails and bursts.
  • All new SFX - Powerful tech-enhanced impacts and strikes!
PROJECT: Vi is now available to play on PBE (tentatively priced at 1350 RP)! We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! Everything helps us make these skins even more awesome. We may not be able to respond to everyone individually, but we're always listening.

New Summoner Icons

Several new summoner icons featuring the new PROJECT skins are now on the PBE!

There is also a new Eternum Cassiopeia icon:

We also have two other icons:

Nine new All-Star 2017 summoner icons are now on the PBE:
More on the All-star vote over on lolesports.

New Emotes

Several new emotes were added this cycle:


A new PROJECT: themed emote was also added to the PBE:

The emote rewards for hours played have been updated to add a glow behind them:

New PROJECT: Hunters Login Theme

The PROJECT: Login theme that was released on the LoL youtube page is now on the PBE!

Zoe Login Theme

A new login theme featuring our newest champion, Zoe, is now on the pbe!

PROJECT: Overcharge Game Mode

A new PROJECT themed game mode is hitting the PBE and we have all sorts of new files and assets!
Here's Riot Whale with more on the game mode in PROJECT//: Overcharge game mode - coming soon to PBE!
"int main() { ofstream prjBriefing(“project_briefing_rev2_8_4.txt”);
prjBriefing << “ 
Welcome to Overcharge, our newest game mode featuring a high pressure, marksmen-only chase through a section of the Project underworld. High energy Augmentation Fragments are being transported through the substructure. Capture them to overcharge and crush the opposing team. 
Players: 3v3 
Map: Substructure 43 
Mode Restrictions: Selected Marksmen, Limited Summoner Spells, No Runes Reforged 
Win condition: Earn 50 points to win. Destroy Charge Bots and steal their Augmentation Fragments to overcharge your team and crush your opponents. 
“ << std:endl << “
Further Details:
How to earn points: 
  • Champion kills earn 1 point.
  • While you are Overcharged, kills earn 5 points. 
Map Objectives:
  • Charge Bots carrying Augmentation Fragments:
  • Charge Bots periodically spawn that are transporting Augmentation Fragments.
  • Kill them to re-appropriate the fragments for your team.
  • They are definitely not Scuttle Crabs. (They aren’t as dashing, for one) 
  • Capture 5 Augmentation Fragments to overcharge your entire team for 25 seconds.
  • Instantly reset all cooldowns on start. While overcharged, champion kills also reset all cooldowns.
  • +60% movement speed, +30% cooldown reduction, +30% cooldown reduction cap, +1000 mana regeneration per second, +25% size.
  • Incoming spells and damage slows you temporarily, but cannot damage you. 
Surveillance Zones:
  • Zones of the map are under constant surveillance by both teams.
  • Entering these zones will reveal you to your opponents.
  • While your team is overcharged, each living opponent will also have personal aerial surveillance spotlights chasing loosely after them. 
Blast nodes:
  • Energy nodes susceptible to exploding upon damage.
  • Function nearly identically to Blast Cones on Summoner’s Rift, with some range adjustments. 
Active Ventilation:
  • High powered fans blasting air throughout the Substructure.
  • Stepping onto one will boost you into the air in a set direction.
Teleportation Pads: 
  • Molecular transposition devices used to port into and across large distances throughout the Substructure.
  • Stepping onto one will transport you to a set location, like Active Vents, but without mid air floundering. Science.
  • Have a universal cooldown for each player. 
  • Repair modules and Recharge modules can be found throughout the Substructure.
  • They heal and refresh your cooldowns, respectively. 
  • Players are recommissioned shortly after destruction.
  • Players will not recommission while opponents are Overcharged. 
  • Begin at Level 6, with 5500 gold.
  • Earn Experience and Gold by capturing Augmentation Fragments and by killing enemy Champions.
  • You will also earn Experience and Gold ambiently over time.
  • You cannot recall to shop or heal.
  • The item pool is restricted to offensive items 
Stat Modifications:
  • -400 Vision Radius, +50% Spell Damage, +200 Health, +15 Armor, +15 Magic Resist. 
Marksmen Available:
  • Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Draven, Ezreal, Graves, Jhin, Jinx, Kalista, Kog’maw, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Tristana, Varus, Vayne, Xayah
  • Free to play: Ashe, Ezreal, Graves, Jhin, Kog’maw, Lucian, Tristana, Varus, Vayne, Xayah
Known Issues:
  • If we have any! 
“ << std::endl << “ 
That is all. Submit any bugs or feedback below.
-Beluga Whale and Riot Popc0rner 
“ << std::endl;
return 0;
Here is a preview of the map and music together:

New Skins Tab

A new Skins tab is now on the PBE! 
From this screen you are able to see how many skins you own, as well as the type of skins breakdown, sort them by All, Champion, Theme, and Tier! 

Here's Riot Stellari with more:
"Hey guys, super excited we're launching the skins collection tab finally. What you're seeing on PBE is a bit buggy and there's a few mis-categorized things, skins missing, etc.  You'll probably see things shifting and renaming a bit during this PBE period, lol sorry mom's spaghetti and all that. 
In the future, we'll also be able to use this feature to share some of the back stories of the skins, or glimpses of the lore in the in-skin universe. 
Would love to hear your feedback tho, so please feel free to share."

Bio Updates

Several champions have short form bio updates to go along with recently released lore and stories on the Universe page! Check out the document below for the full list and stay tuned for more info.

[Updated Bios]

Here is an example:

"Aatrox is a legendary warrior, one of only five that remain of an ancient race known as the Darkin. He wields his massive blade with grace and poise, slicing through legions in a style that is hypnotic to behold. With each foe felled, Aatrox's seemingly living blade drinks in their blood, empowering him and fueling his brutal, elegant campaign of slaughter. 
The earliest tale of Aatrox is as old as recorded history. It tells of a war between two great factions remembered only as the Protectorate and the Magelords. Over time, the Magelords won a series of crushing victories, leaving them on the brink of obliterating their sworn enemy forever. On the day of their final confrontation, the Protectorate army found themselves outnumbered, exhausted, and poorly equipped. They braced for inevitable defeat. 
Just when all hope seemed lost, Aatrox appeared among the ranks of the Protectorate. With but a few words, he urged the soldiers to fight to the last before throwing himself into battle. His presence inspired the desperate warriors. At first, they could only watch in awe as this unknown hero cleaved through their enemies, his body and blade moving in unison as if one being. Soon, the warriors found themselves imbued with a potent thirst for battle. They followed Aatrox into the fray, each fighting with the furious strength of ten until they had won a most unlikely victory. 
Aatrox vanished after that battle, but the Protectorate army's newfound fury did not. Their surprising triumph led to many more until they were able to finally return home victorious. Their countrymen hailed them as heroes, but though they had saved their entire civilization from destruction, darkness lingered in the mind of each warrior. Something within them had changed. Over time, their memories of battle faded, only to be replaced with a grim revelation: their acts of heroism were, in fact, brutal atrocities committed by their own hands. 
Tales like these appear among the myths of many cultures. If they are all to be believed, Aatrox's presence has changed the course of some of the most important wars in history. Though these stories remember him as a savior in dark times, Aatrox's true legacy may be a world filled with conflict and strife. 
''Some fight for honor, some fight for glory. It matters only that you fight.''
-- Aatrox",

"One of the ancient darkin, Aatrox was once a peerless swordmaster who reveled in the bloody chaos of the battlefield. Trapped within his own blade by the magic of his foes, he waited out the millennia for a suitable host to wield him - this mortal warrior was corrupted and transformed by the living weapon, and Aatrox was reborn. Though tales of the darkin have now passed into legend, he remembers only too well the destruction of his race, and wreaks his vengeance one sword blow at a time."

Preseason Healthbar Update v2

Here's Rayven with another iteration of the Preseason healthbar update hitting the PBE:
"Hey folks, we're back on PBE with another iteration on the updated healthbars and we need your feedback on the changes. The theme of this iteration is Familiar Plus Goodies. 
Changes are as follows: 
- Champ meters are now the same width as live and just a bit taller.
- Champ meter colors should be much closer to live values.
- Normal damage hangs around a tiny bit longer - similar to live.
- New spell shield border.
- All borders should look cleaner.
- Themed secondary resources like Corki, Jhin, etc still need a bunch of polish - feedback is still valid, but we are aware of their stylistic issues.
- Kled is fixed.
- Grey health should be much clearer.
- Burst damage is brighter on the left and darker on the right hand side to make current health more visible at all times.
- Extra life and unkillable icons got tweaks.
- Shred and defense up icons and systems have been simplified.
- Mana missing bug fixed (related to the manaflow band rune).
- CC text now has a text gradient.
- Level numbers should be centered (hopefully the fix sticks this time). 
- Resource polish (as mentioned above).
- Tower death and Nexus animations.
- Level number colors.

New Burst
Live Burst


  • A gold colored CHALLENGER RECALL is currently testing on the PBE. This is a reward for the top tier challenger players.

    Riot Exgeniar confirmed: "Uhh Yeah. That's the challenger recall on PBE for testing. The only time you will have that recall ;)"
"Tomorrow! PBE! Skin Portrait Updates! Around 450 of them! Look forward to it! Exclamation marks!!"
  • All-Star 2017 summoner's rift banners added:

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

  • Base AD lowered from 53.544 to 53.54
  • HP Regen lowered from 1.0848 to 1.08

  • Base armor lowered from 40 to 36

  • HP growth increased from 87 to 90
  • Armor growth increased from 3 to 3.5

Hextech Gunblade
  • Unique Active - Lightning Bolt damage increased from [175 - 250] to [175 - 253]

Revitalize (R4)
  • [Now notes "heals and shields you cast"]

Summoner Aery (S1)
  • Damage lowered from [20 - 60] to [15 - 40]

Predator (D1)
  • Damage changed from [60 - 140] to [60 - 180]
  • Cooldown lowered from [180s-120s] to [150s - 100s]

Ghost Poro (D3)
  • Tooltip changed from "Poro channel is interrupted if you enter combat with a champion." to "Poro channel is interrupted if take damage".

Patch History for this cycle:

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