4.11 PBE Cycle

Last Updated on 6/26 with the 6/26 PBE Update

( With the release of patch 4.10 on  June 18th, we started the new 4.11 PBE cycle )

Below you will find a comprehensive list of balance changes/game additions for the current PBE cycle.
These new changes and additions are relative to what things currently are on live servers and are


(They often do not represent the final changes that get pushed to live servers.)

Balance changes for this cycle (so far) can be found at the bottom of this page

New Content list for this PBE cycle:

  • Hazmat Heimerdinger
  • Soulstealer Vladimir

6/18 PBE Update #2
  • Summoner's Rift Update

6/18 PBE Update
  • Headhunter Caitlyn

6/19 PBE Update
  • SR Monster HUD Portraits
  • Headhunter Caitlyn Updates

  • Nautilus passive indicator
  • Maokai kit changes

    • Hazmat Heimerdinger Splash Art
    • In-game Jungle Timers
    • Headhunter Caitlyn SFX

    6/24 PBE Update
    • New Icons
    • Soulstealer Vladimir SFX
    • Red + Blue HP bar changed

    6/25 PBE Update
    • New Urgot Splash Art
    • New Item: Quill Coat

    6/26 PBE Update

    • New Caitlyn Splash Art
    • Soulstealer Vladimir Splash Art

      ( Note: Some images may be out dated! )

      (Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )


      Summoner's Rift Update

      The a work-in-progress version of the Summoner's Rift update is now on the PBE for testing! To access the map on the PBE, you will need to either join a BLIND PICK SUMMONER'S RIFT queue or create a custom game and select "SUMMONER'S RIFT ( UPDATE ) " as your map. These are the only two ways to get on the map at this stage of testing.

      Questions? Comments? Concerns of the heart? Try these links:
      Now let's get on to the show!

      Map Tour

      First up is an OK tour of the updated map:

      Map Comparison

      Here's a comparison video with a comprehensive look at the differences between the current and updated Summoner's Rift!


      Jungle Camps

      All of the neutral jungle camps have been converted into new creatures more fitting for the Rift.

      Double Golems -> Ancient Krug + Krug

      Ancient Golem -> Blue Sentinel  + Sentry

      Lizard Elder -> Red Brambleback + Cinderling

      Wraiths -> Crimson Razorbeak + Razorbeak

      Wight -> Gromp

      Wolves -> Greater Murk Wolf + Murk Wolf

      Epic Monsters

      Baron and Dragon remain the same namewise but have had makeovers and have new abilities ( which trigger after every three basic attacks ) .





      Each side now has a unique shopkeeper. They will both have oodles of unique VO lines but those were not included in this initial build.
      Blue Side
      Red Side


      Both red and blue side minions now have distinct appearances.

      While normally model viewer shots are pretty gross, this is a good way to demonstrate the differences between the red and blue minions. 

      New SR Monster HUD Portaits 

      The monsters and epic monsters that inhabit the updated Summoner's Rift now have shiny new portrait icons! These are the icons that display when you target them in game or when epic monsters are slain.

      [ Just to make sure we understand each other, these are NOT SUMMONER ICONS  ]

      Dragon and Baron

      Ancient Krug , Krug , Gromp , Razorbeak

      Blue Sentinel, Sentry, Red Brambleback, Cinderling

      [ Remember the Summoner's Rift Update is WIP -the other icons are likely to follow in future updates ]

      Blue & Red Health bars 

      Like Baron and Dragon, Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback now have larger health bars that show their current HP values.


      New Skins

      Hazmat Heimerdinger

      975 RP

      Before we get to far, here's Nurse Flan with a feedback thread and details on the new Heimer skin!
      "Hazmat Heimerdinger is suited up and ready to take on any dangerous PBE substances! 
      Armed with a Geiger counter and a flask of mysterious goo, Heimer's ready to wreak some havoc on the Fields of Justice! Check out what he's got! 
      • A new suit and gas mask! 
      • New ability models and particles (turrets, rockets and grenades!) 
      • A new recall (relaxing on his lawn chair with his mechanical arm buddy!) 
      Note: A couple new sounds are not quite in just yet! 
      As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on Hazmat Heimer's new skin! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :] 
      See you on the Rift!"
      Now let's take a better look!
      the VFX that plays when he activates his R. 
      R + Q 

       Soulstealer Vladimir

      1350 RP 

      Galetta also has a feedback thread and details for Soulstealer Vladimir!
      "Watch your back summoners, Soulstealer Vladimir is ready to claim some souls on the PBE! 
      • New purple robes with demon skull details! 
      • New sound effects! (Spooky scary!) 
      • New particle effects!(Spectral soul magic!) 
      • New recall animation!  
      We would love to hear about any feedback you have or bugs you may have found! Let us know what you think about this new Vladimir skin! :3 
      See you on the rift! 
      Note: His new audio isn't in at the moment, we'll update you when it is!"
      Auto attack
      W - ( incomplete )
      E multi
      Initial Ult
      Ult ticking down


      Headhunter Caitlyn

      975 RP

      Here's Riot Ve1vet with PBE community feedback thread for Headhunter Caitlyn:
      "Boom! Headshot. 
      Careful summoners, Headhunter Caitlyn is locked and loaded. With a brand new plasma rifle, Caitlynis ready to unleash some devastation on the Fields of Justice, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. Here’s some of her new equipment: 
      • Brand new model and head gear, all the better to target you with. 
      • A fresh set of particles and sound effects 
      • New recall and animation on her visor (make sure to check it out on her ultimate!) 
      Your feedback and bug reports are invaluable to us, so please check out Headhunter Caitlyn and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well, and definitely give her a go on the Summoner’s Rift Update!
      See you on the Rift!"
      Now let's investigate the skin !

      All the following pictures (below) do not reflect the visual updates from the 6/19 Update!
      Auto attack
      Mask comes down and she scans the area for her recall.
      Passive ready
      Passive shot
      W - This does not have a new model ( yet!! ) but it has new VFX. 
      E Hit
      E slow

      New Splashes



      New Summoner Icons

      6/24's update features a mischievous looking  Ziggs summoner icon.
      In the past, the recent featured gameplay modes have all had a Ziggs related summoner icon. Perhaps this has to do with the "Nightmare Bots" strings we've been seeing in the recent PBE updates!

      We also have several eSports summoner icons for competitive Brazilian teams:

      New Mini Map Icons for Baron and Dragon

      LeBlanc VFX changes:

      In today's update, LeBlanc received minor changes to the VFX of her W and E. 

      Nautilus Passive Timer

       Nautilus now has an indicator for his passive! Just like Udyr's E, Nautilus' passive will trigger a circle indicator that count down until he can root that target again.

      Context on Nidalee PBE Changes

      As you may have noticed, Nidalee received several changes in the 6/23 PBE update only to have them mostly reverted in today's update.

      Here's Riot Repertoir with context on these recent Nidalee  PBE changes,  as well as what we can expect to be tested in preparation for 4.11:
      "Hey everyone, 
      Some Nidalee stuff went to PBE today without any word from us as to when/why it would release, so I just wanted to give everyone some details on that. 
      First, not all of those changes are going to see the Live environment, and many won't be in patch 4.11 either. For the most part, I'm pretty happy with how Nidalee's doing in 4.10 at the moment, but there are a few main issues I will be looking into patching up in the near future. First, she is at the extreme of unreliability when it comes to teamfighting, so I want to give her a bit of help in that department. Second, her power level seems to be particularly high in early laning before it steadily goes down over game time. The changes on PBE today were aimed largely at addressing those issues, but with limited time before we finish our 4.11 patch cycle, we've decided to take on a less aggressive changelist for her. 
      Here's what you'll see on PBE on 6/23, relative to 4.10:
      • Javelin Toss
      • Missile width increased to 40 from 30
      • Bushwhack
      • Cooldown reduced to 13/12/11/10/9 from 17/16/15/14/13
      • Damage reduced to 10/12/14/16/18% from 12/14/16/18/20%
      • Aspect of the Cougar
      • Triggering a Hunt resets the cooldown of Aspect of the Cougar when Nidalee is in human form
      I will likely continue to investigate ways to improve her feel and balance her power curve over the next few patches, and that may include things like the 'AP to on-hit damage' and 'Swipe granting defenses' stuff you saw today, but for now we're going to stick to the above changes to test for 4.11. She's a hard character to pick up and master, so we don't want to overreact to early performance data that suggests she's dramatically on the weak side, since I think most of us (player and developer alike) get the feeling that's not completely true. 

      New Audio Engine on the PBE - Continued Testing This Week

      Here's BelligerentSwan with a notice that this PBE cycle features continued testing on the new audio engine!
      "Hey Summoners! 
      For the next few days or so we'll be turning on our new audio engine again for another round of testing on the PBE! With each patch we are getting a little bit closer to activating the new audio engine, and we want to continue PBE testing to ensure the switch goes smoothly! 
      If you find a sound that doesn't work, or if you want to leave feedback about the way things sound, just leave a comment on this thread! We’ll be actively monitoring it and replying to your questions and concerns. Please let us know what equipment you’re using for audio (Stereo headphones vs. 5.1 surround sound speakers, Sound Blast Zx vs. Realtek HD Audio) so we can help narrow down the cause of the issues. 
      If you’re unsure how to get that your system info, here’s a handy guide for PC and one for Mac
      Why are we changing audio engines? We’re looking to create a more immersive and engaging in-game league of legends audio experience, and this new engine will allow us to do a lot of cool things in the future. You can find a more in depth post about what to expect here."

      Nightmare Bots

      Lots and lots of files for Nightmare Bots ( and Doom Bots of Doom ) made it in the 6/17 patch (#1). Nothing seems to be enabled yet. Scary. 

      In-Game Jungle Timers

      The new in-game jungle timers have been temporarily disabled as the PBE closes in on patch 4.11

      As mentioned in this recent dev blog, new jungle timers have been added to the in-game scoreboard.

      A few points of interest:
      • These only show up then you view the scoreboard ( press tab )
      • They function the same as the current mini map icons on live

      Here's a few more examples at various points in the game:
      Counting down til initial spawn. 
      All spawned / up except Baron.
      When you hover over an icon, it tells you the name of the monster and when it's cooldown timer is.

      Updated Summoner's Rift Assets

      Both the mini map and the map selection image for the updated Summoner's Rift have been updated ( from placeholders )!

      Balance Changes

      * Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.


      • Concussive Blows ( Passive ) stack duration lowered to 4 seconds from 5 seconds. [ need to confirm in game ] 
      • Concussive Blows ( Passive )  damage upon reaching four stacks changed to 38+12 per level from 60+ 10 per level. [ looks like damage numbers have been changed, lemme look into it ]
      • Concussive Blows ( Passive ) bonus magic damage on auto attack changed to ~[7.5 + 2.4] per level from 12 + 2 per level  [ This value seems to be 1/5 of the other damage] 

        • HP per level reduced to 85 from 98
        • Armor per level reduced to 3 from 3.5
        • Base HP reduced to 450 from 463


        • Attack speed per level reduced to 2.2 from 2.5
        • Righteous Fury ( E ) both AP ratios ( hit and splash )  reduced to .2 from .4
        • Intervention (R) cooldown increased to 110/95/80 from 90/75/60

        • Arcane Smash ( Q ) mana cost lowered to 45 at all ranks from 55 at all ranks
        • Arcane Smash ( Q ) slow reduced to 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds
        • Twisted Advance ( W ) no longer has a cast time.
        • Twisted Advance ( W )mana cost lowered to 75 at all ranks from 75/80/85/90/95
        • Twisted Advance ( W ) cooldown increased to 13/12/11/10/9 from 12/11/10/9/8
        • Twisted Advance ( W ) now deals 9/10.5/12/13.5/15 ( +0.04 AP) % of targets maximum health as magic damage ( max of 300 to minions and monsters ) from 80/115/150/185/220 ( +.8 AP ) 
        • Twisted Advance ( W)  range decreased to 525 from 650
          • Vengeful Maelstrom ( R ) is now attached to Maokai. Instead of being cast on an area and sticking there, it now follows him as he moves.
          • Vengeful Maelstrom ( R ) base mana cost lowered to 40 from 75 at all ranks
          • Vengeful Maelstrom ( R ) cast radius lowered to 475 from 550
          ( The number in the middle is how much damage his ult has prevented )

          • Staggering Blow ( Passive ) now has an indicator to show the cooldown of the root. See above.
          • Staggering Blow ( Passive ) can now trigger once every 8 seconds at level 6, once every 7 seconds at 11, and once every 6 seconds at 16, down from 9 seconds at all levels.
          [ Screen shot taken at level 11, passive is down to triggering every 7 seconds ] 
           [ See Riot Repertoir's forum thread for more information on these changes, as well as a complete changelist relative to what was pushed to live in 4.10 ]
          • Base Health increased to 390 from 370
          • Base Armor increased to 17 from 15
          • Javelin Toss ( Q Human ) missile width increased to 40 from 30.
          • Bushwack ( W Human ) cooldown reduced to 13/12/11/10/9 from 17/16/15/14/13
          • Bushwack ( W Human ) Damage reduced to 10/12/14/16/18% from 12/14/16/18/20%
          • Aspect of the cougar ( R )  - Triggering a Hunt resets the cooldown of Aspect of the Cougar whenNidalee is in Human form.
          • Prowl ( Passive ) Nidalee now receives 10% Movement Speed in all directions while Hunting, increased to 30% toward Hunted targets. (Note: at any one time, Nidalee can never receive more than a total of 30% Movement Speed from the Hunt and Brush Movement Speed sources)
          • Pounce ( W cougar ) Hunted Pounce activation range increased to 750 from 700
          • Pounce ( W cougar ) Hunted Pounce will now jump 75 units in front of where the target is facing at the time of jump rather than 150 units to the side of the target opposite Nidalee
          • Primal Surge (  Human E ) Mana cost increased to 60/75/90/105/120 from 50/65/80/95/110
            • Context: was changed in a previous PBE patch, live value is currently 60/80/100/12/140 ] 

          • Crystal Slash  ( Q ) damage lowered  to 18/28/38/48/58 from 20/32/44/56/68
          • Crystal Slash ( Q ) movement speed lowered to 2/3/4/5/6% from 3/4/5/6/7%

          • Unstable Matter ( W ) cooldown increased to 5 at all ranks from 4 at all ranks
          • Unstable Matter ( W ) now also includes : "When Zac reabsorbes a piece of himself, Unstable Matter's cooldown is reduced by 1 second."

          • Base movement speed reduced to 325 from 330

          • Sweeping Blade (  E ) each cast's dash base damage increase cap lowered to 50% from 100% max. 

          New Items

          As mentioned in the 4.11 Live Gameplay Patch Forecast, a new tank based jungle item has been added!

          Quill Coat
          • Cost : 700g
          • Recipe: Hunter's Machete  ( 325 ) + Cloth Armor ( 300 ) + 75g
          • +20 Armor
          • UNIQUE Passive - Sapping Barbs: +40 Health Regen per 5 and +30 Mana Regen per 5 upon taking damage from monsters. Attacking monsters lose 5% of their maximum Health over 3 seconds (up to 150).
          • UNIQUE Active - Hunter's Ward:Places a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 180 seconds (180 second cooldown) (Unique Passives or Actives with the same name don't stack )

          The Sapping Barbs passive visuals are similar to those found on Thornmail.
          The Sapping Barbs passive will NOT kill monsters, it will only take them down to 1 HP. No accidental buff steals!
          Ward Range:


          • New Unique Passive: +10% bonus attack damage (Bonus Attack Damage is any Attack Damagefrom buffs,items and masteries)
          • Unique Passive's Shield value reduced to 50-350 from 50-440
          • Unique Passive's Shield  decay time increased to 25 from 15
          • Reverted back to live Values on 6/26 Update

          Hunter's Machete
          • Price increased to 325 from 300.
          • Now grants +10 attack damage vs Monsters
          • Now Grants +5 damage reduction vs Monsters.
          • Unique Passive: Maim REMOVED
          Essence Reaver
          • Attack damage increased to 60 from 50.

          Madred's Razors
          • Price increased to 775 from 750.
          Spirit of the Ancient Golem 

          [ Redesigned to include the new Quill Coat Item! ]

          • Total Cost: 2000 gold
          • Recipe: Quill Coat ( 700g ) + Kindle Gem ( 850g ) + 450g
          • +25% Bonus Health
          • +200 Health ( down from 350 HP ) 
          • +10% Cooldown Reduction
          • +20 ArmorUNIQUE Passive - Sapping Barbs: +60 Health Regen per 5 and +45 Mana Regen per 5 upon taking damage from monsters. Attacking monsters lose 5% of their maximum Health over 3 seconds (up to 195).
          • UNIQUE Passive - Conservation: Store 1 stack of Gold per 1.5 seconds (Max 80 stacks). Kill a large or epic monster to cash in up to 40 stacks.
          • UNIQUE Active - Hunter's Ward: Places a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 180 seconds (180 second cooldown).
          • Both unique passive Tenacity and Butcher HAVE BEEN REMOVED. 

          Youmuu's Ghostblade
          • Unique Active cooldown increased to 60 seconds from 45 seconds. 
          • Reverted back to live values on 6/26 Update

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