Red Post Collection: Patch 12.9 & TFT Notes, TFT Dev Drop, & More

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Today's red post collection includes the Patch 12.9 & TFT notes, a TFT Dev Drop, and news from other Riot games!
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Patch 12.9 Notes

Here's a look at the Patch 12.9 notes:
"NEW CHALLENGES APPROACH! It’s time for patch 12.9, and with it the launch of our brand new Challenges system. Complete them to prove that you really are the best of the best! 
Make sure to brace yourselves for more axes and rocks because the mid-scope updates for Olaf and Taliyah go live this patch! Other challenges we’ll be tackling in this edition of Patch Notes include zombies running into towers, capitalist chem-baron monopolies, foxes dashing around the Rift, a not-so-jolly mustachioed man, and cowboys rootin’, tootin’, and (by god?) shootin’ in my Ranked games. 
Make sure to follow the Mid-Season Invitational in Busan where Group Stage will be kicking off on May 10! We’ll also be releasing the EDG skinline in celebration of their 2021 World Championship win! 
Looking for more challenges? Well, hit the Convergence where Dragon Eggs are shaking things up right before Dragonlands. Read about it in the TFT patch notes here
High Noon Katarina, High Noon Leona, High Noon Mordekaiser, High Noon Talon, High Noon Varus, and Prestige High Noon Talon will be available May 12, 2022. 
EDG Aphelios, EDG Graves, EDG Viego, EDG Yuumi, and EDG Zoe will also be available May 12, 2022."

TFT Patch 12.9 Notes

"Hello Dragon Hatchers! 
Do we have a patch for you! 12.9 brings a patchload (and then some) of buffs to chase traits, units, and Dragon Egg hatching! On the cosmetic side of things, I’m looking quite good today, but also looking good—err evil, is Ruined Pengu, who drops alongside a Chibi sale with patch 12.9, more details here. The last thing to cover in our intro are our huge changes to Jayce and Viktor. I lied—the real last thing to cover is our Dev Drop, which will has some VERY big Dragonlands news in it, so give it a watch and let us know what you think! 
Our latest Dev Drop covers updates to Double Up, spoilers for Dragonlands gameplay and cosmetics, and a moment of reflection on TFT’s growth! Watch it by clicking here or any of the above links for it!"

Other Riot Games

Wild Rift
  • Patch 3.2 Notes
  • Dream Raider Nasus skin reveal:
  • Ekko Champion Trailer
  • Ekko Champion Overview

Legends of Runeterra
  • LoR Worldwalker Preview stream:

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