PBE Preview: Debonair Brand, Draven, Leona, LeBlanc, Malz, Yi, and Zed

Posted on at 9:48 AM by Moobeat
A new PBE preview has been spotted on social media for upcoming Debonair skins for Brand (+Prestige), DravenLeona, LeBlanc, Malzahar, Master Yi, and Zed
Continue reading for social media and splash previews!

First up, here's video preview from the League of Legends twitter including previews for all the skins and the Debonair Brand prestige edition!

Here's a youtube mirror:

Next up we have a set of splash arts also shared on social media!

(Still waiting on the Leona splash!)

Look for more on these skins when the 11.24 PBE cycle kicks off later today!

EDIT: Looks like /r/LeaguePBE feedback threads are going up! Here are turnarounds for Debonair Draven and Zed!

Debonair Zed has been confirmed at 1820 RP. A VO preview from the PBE can be found here.

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