Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 30, MSI Clash Dates & More

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[Added Arcane Animated Series Teaser!]

Today's red post collection includes Riot Scruffy's quick gameplay thoughts for April 30th, covering jungle accessibility changes, details on the upcoming MSI clash tournaments in May, LoR Card and champion reveals, and more!
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Arcane Animated Series Teaser

A new teaser for the Arcane animated series was shown off on social media! Look for this to hit Netflix this fall!

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 30

Here's Riot Scruffy's quick gameplay thoughts for April 30 - "Jungle Accessibility."
"Jungle Accessibility 
One of our longer term goals is to increase position preference for the jungle in lower MMR. We’re attacking the problem from a few angles that we think will in particular reduce some of the esoteric optimizations and help onboard newer players to the role. These are the changes we're initially planning at time of writing, Tuesday the 27th; tunings may change by the time this goes up on Friday but the general rationale will still hold true:
  • More forgiving jungle clears - With the current shorter jungle timers the pace of farming and ganking has gone up considerably, making every misstep a major setback for both the jungler and their team.
    • Jungle Monster Base Attack Damage reduced across many camps
    • Jungle Monster Attack Damage scaling reduced across many camps
    • Camp Respawn Timer :: 2 minutes >>> 2 minutes 15 seconds
    • Camp "bright' warning timer :: 15 seconds >>> 10 seconds
    • Jungle Gold from non-buff Camps :: Increased by approximately 5%
  • Widen the viable champ pool - We think that less reliance on having a perfect AOE clearing kit or the right CC tools to have Scuttle dominance will open up viability to a few more champs.
    • Smite (along with crowd control) will break the Scuttle Crab's shield before applying damage
    • Omnivamp on jungle items :: 10% >>> 8%
    • Smite Percent Max Health Healing :: 10% >>> 15%
  • Reduced snowball - Another factor that is both causing too much stress but also too much influence over the game outcome is how hard the jungle position can snowball. We think reducing this will make the position easier to break into and more enjoyable long term.
    • Reintroducing comeback XP - Large monsters grant 50 XP per level you are below the average level of the game minus 1 (if the average level is 7, you get comeback XP at level 5 and below)
    • Smite Damage to Monsters :: 390-1000 (based on levels) >>> 500 at base, 1000 after Smite quest completion
  • Camp Leashing Clarity (future work) - A particularly important skill for high level jungle optimizations is to perfectly manage the monster leash ranges and drag them into optimal positions for max clear speed. While not removing this skill, we want to help newer junglers learn the rules and leash ranges of each monster camp.
    • When within 200 range of causing the monster to leash, a warning particle will appear to show the monster’s leash range
At a high level we want these changes to be helpful and satisfying for Jungle players across all levels of play but we’re not aiming for a significant power increase or decrease for the position. We’re giving and taking away power in equal measure while shifting mechanics so that the jungle is a bit more welcoming to newcomers. There are probably a few more iterations and adjustments to make before these changes go to live servers so we’ll be reading and processing your feedback from the PBE. 
Thanks again for playing with us."


MSI Clash: May 8-9 & 29-30

Here's Riot Aether with a look at the upcoming MSI clash tournaments on May 8-9 and May 29-30 - "Compete in a special Clash to commemorate MSI 2021!"
"The next Clash tournament commemorates MSI 2021! This year we're leveling up from a single weekend to a full two-weekend Cup, taking place over the weekends of May 8 & 9 and May 29 & 30. Team creation opens on May 3 and May 24, respectively. Check the Clash tab in the client for start times. 
To celebrate the event, premium ticket rewards will grant extra-premium rewards for this tournament. In addition to your standard Capsule rewards, you'll also receive Conqueror loot: 
  • Placing 1st through 5th in your bracket rewards a random Legacy Conqueror skin permanent (Karma, Varus, Alistar, or Nautilus)
  • Placing 6th through 8th in your bracket rewards a Legacy Conqueror skin shard (Karma, Varus, Alistar, or Nautilus)
Best of luck!"


Other Games

Legends of Runeterra
  • Malphite Reveal
[1] "The mountain, the myth, the legend… could it really be? 
Malphite’s been spotted in Guardians of the Ancient... see each spoiler season card reveal for yourself at"
[2] "Eons of slumber may have clouded Malphite’s memories, but not his focus. Order must be preserved.

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  • Card previews for the upcoming Guardians of the Ancient expansion continue on the Legends of Runeterra Twitter:
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[2]"The might of Mount Targon manifests in powerful new landmarks and units… and an old friend you might recognize from the jungle. 
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[4] Navorian dance calls upon ancient magic and the Spirit of Ionia. In the hands of these allies, it’s as beautiful as it is lethal.  
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Stay sharp, or suffer the consequences. 
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