PBE Preview: Conqueror Jax + Prestige, DWG Skins

Posted on at 10:21 AM by Aznbeat
New PBE previews are up showing off Conqueror Jax & his prestige skin plus the first in-game look at the previously announced Damwon Gaming skins for Jhin, Kennen, Leona, Nidalee, and Twisted Fate!
Continue reading for a closer look at each new skin!



Riot KateyKhaos noted that Conqueror Jax and the DWG skins will be legacy:
"The DWG skins and Conqueror Jax will be legacy.  
Specifics on availability will be available closer to their release. (:"

Here's Conqueror Jax's splash art that was also preview on social media:

and here's the DWG splash art as revealed on the LoLEsports twitter:

Riot KateyKhaos also provided turnaround shots for each skin!

Look for more on these skins when they hit the PBE later today as part of  the 11.9 PBE cycle!

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